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Fluval GeoSystem Mopani Driftwood
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Fluval GeoSystem Mopani Driftwood
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* All-natural Mopani driftwood provides a decorative accent to your aquarium
* Adds natural beauty and a safe-haven for fish and amphibians
* Sandblasted finish eliminates all extraneous material and prevents contamination

Fluval Mopani Dirftwood is a finely crafted ornament designed to provide a natural and realistic element to your aquarium. The wood is thoroughly cleaned to eliminate all extraneous material, ensuring safe use in aquariums and terrariums. Since the wood has been previously dried for sandblasting it will be semi-buoyant and will need to be submerged manually with a rock or heavy object before sinking on its own becoming waterlogged. Natural wood also releases tannic acid which is beneficial to most tropical freshwater fish since it naturally softens the water. It also adds a slight tint to water, creating more natural-looking water conditions.

Fluval first broke onto the aquatic scene in 1975. Fluval has built a legacy around this pioneering spirit, relentlessly adapting in a changing world to launch innovative aquarium products that remain at the forefront of technology, and which set the bar in quality, style and functionality.

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