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Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller
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Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller
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* Advance controller for the Philips CoralCare Gen2 LED aquarium light fixture
* Versatile controller allows Bluetooth, WIFI, and PC/USB control of your CoralCare LED
* Easily program your LED using FREE software and app OR a 3rd party 0-10V aquarium controller

Unlock the full potential of your Philips CoralCare Gen2 LED Light Fixture with the Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller. This innovative advanced controller allows creative control of your Philips CoralCare Gen2 LED Light Fixture whether you want to use your internet-connected mobile device, PC, or a compatible 0-10V third party aquarium controller!

The Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller supports two modes: Program Mode and 0-10V Mode. In Program Mode you can define a 24-hour light schedule by downloading a user-friendly software or mobile application. The innovative Program Mode allows you to define 20 individual light settings (color point and intensity) and the controller will automatically calculate a smooth transition between the various light settings. Enjoy easy creation of custom light schedules or choose one of the predefined schedules (Shallow Reef, Natural Reef, Deep Reef or Overcast Reef) for greater convenience. These predefined schedules can be loaded via the CoralCare application and still allow you to change time, color, intensity to your specific wishes.

In 0-10V Mode, the Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller will no longer react to the programmed schedule, but to third-party aquarium controllers like the HYDROS Control 4, Neptune Systems Apex, and GHL ProfiLux connected to the two 0-10V input channels.

The Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller features a Direct Control option allowing you to override the running schedule and directly control the light settings. The Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller also features an Acclimatization Phase that gradually increases the intensity of your light schedule for convenient photoacclimation of new corals.

The Philips CoralCare Gen2 Controller is backwards compatible and can control up to four (4) Philips CoralCare LED light fixtures of the same generation.

Please Note: The Philips CoralCare Controller Gen2 is required to operate your Philips CoralCare Gen2 LED Light Fixture. Each sold separately.

Download the CoralCare software on

The CoralCare app is downloadable via the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Predefined Schedules

  • Shallow Reef: Mimics the natural behavior of sunlight at shallow water depth and maximizes light output.
  • Natural Reef: Mimics the natural behavior of sunlight at average depth. Ideal for a mixed reef.
  • Deep Reef: Mimics the natural behavior of sunlight at deep ocean depths. Ideal to highlight the fluorescence of LPS corals.
  • Overcast Reef: Mimics the natural behavior of sunlight while simulating an overcast sky during noon. Maintains a more constant light output over the day while changing color point.

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