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CaribSea Super Naturals Torpedo Beach Substrate
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CaribSea Super Naturals Torpedo Beach Substrate
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* Premium freshwater aquarium sand fantastic for creating spectacular aquarium landscapes
* Pale white substrate coloration beautifully showcases colorful tropical aquarium fish and plants
* Gorgeous pH neutral grains are ultra smooth and ideal for bottom-dwelling aquarium fish

Create an inspired freshwater aquarium landscape with premium natural sand substrate. CaribSea Super Naturals Torpedo Beach Substrate provides the perfect backdrop to showcase colorful aquarium fish and plants. Gorgeous pale white substrate also gives your entire aquarium setup fantastic dimension and depth of view. This naturally-decorative substrate is free of paints or coatings and is pH neutral so it will not affect your aquarium water chemistry. CaribSea Super Naturals Torpedo Beach Substrate is great for just about any freshwater aquarium setup. But because of its smooth smaller grains, Torpedo Beach is particularly well-suited for aquarium setup housing bottom dwellers like rays and Corydoras catfish. Use one to two pounds per gallon. 20lb substrate is recommended for aquariums up to 20 gallons in size.

Torpedo Beach
Typical Size: 0.5 - 2.0mm
Average Density: 94 pounds per cubic foot

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