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EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump 4 Pack with Base Station
EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump 4 Pack with Base Station
EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump 4 Pack with Base Station
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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* Pre-packaged kit of four EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pumps and a Versa Base Station
* Enjoy quick and convenient installation of an advanced multi-unit aquarium dosing system
* App-controlled wireless aquarium liquid dosing pump boasts extremely precise, robust, and versatile use

Enjoy quick and convenient installation of an advanced multi-unit aquarium dosing system with the EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump 4 Pack with Base Station. This pre-packaged kit of four Versa Peristaltic Pumps and a Versa Base Station maximizes the amazing potential of the Versa Peristaltic Pump whether you want to dose a single aquarium with different additives or dose multiple aquarium setups with a single additive. 60V power rail neatly organizes and powers the four Versa Peristaltic Pumps and features buttons to directly interact with the connected pumps for priming or indexing.

The EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump is a specially designed programmable peristaltic pump with features and performance that exceeds traditional dosing pumps making it ideal for a wide range of aquarium applications including dosing, auto top off (ATO), automated water changes, and reactor feeding. Complex programming is immediately simplified by using the power of your existing iOS or Android smart device. Simply download the Mobius app and enjoy intelligent control and BLE Bluetooth connectivity for super easy and lightning-fast calibration and programming. The Versa Pump boasts rugged, commercial-grade construction incorporating a DC stepper motor with a planetary gear drive configuration optimized for precision and longevity.

Please Note: The Mobius app is required to create a 24-hour dosing schedule for the EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump VX-1. The Versa pump is controllable exclusively with Mobius and is not backward compatible with EcoSmart Live.

Customize your EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump 4 Pack with Base Station with EcoTech Marine Versa Peristaltic Pump Accessories, each sold separately.

EcoTech Marine Versa Stem Tube Connector (LA# 112645) (Mfg# VX101) - Includes Two Elbow Push to Connect Fittings.

EcoTech Marine Versa Push to Connect Tube Connector (LA# 112646) (Mfg# VX102) - Tubing assembly for the EcoTech Marine Versa peristaltic dosing pump perfect for use as an all in one replacement part.

EcoTech Marine Versa Tubing (LA# 112647) (Mfg# VX104) – 25 ft length of 1/4" OD Blue Polyurethane Tubing.

EcoTech Marine Versa Push to Connect Elbows (LA# 112648) (Mfg# VX108) - Four Pack Elbow Connectors for use with 1/4” OD Polyurethane Tubing.

EcoTech Marine Versa VX-1 Peristaltic Pump Features

  • Wide range dosing capability (0.5 µL-300 mL/minute)
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Consistent and reliable stepper motor with planetary gear drive
  • Safeguards against over-dosing and user error
  • Wireless communication onboard
  • Mobius programming allows for:
    • Continuous dosing over time
    • Up to 30 discreet dosing points
    • 3 dosing modes; automated, calculated or manual
    • Dosing as part of scenes and routines
    • Integration with other EcoTech/Mobius equipment (e.g., feed mode)
    • Capacity of over 200 Versa pumps per system
  • 1 Year parts and labor EcoTech warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Modular design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Included Barbed Connector – two optional interchangeable connectors also available (push-to-connect stem, push-to-connect female).

Flow Range
With a range of 0.5 µL to 300 mL per minute, the Versa pump can be used for a wide range of aquarium applications. Fine control of very small dosing quantities for additives or liquid salts, large volume dispensing as part of an auto top off system, or for automated water changes.

Robust Heavy-Duty Construction
High capacity and commercial-grade construction mean the Versa pump is well-suited for continuous use applications. Rugged tubing that is easily replaceable makes for impressive longevity with minor effort to service.

Planetary Gear Drive
The drive configuration of the Versa pump is optimized for precision and longevity - two essential characteristics for a precise yet robust market-leading peristaltic pump.

Mobius Programming
Including safeguards, catch-up, and a myriad of other features: A defining characteristic of EcoTech equipment is the versatility and power of control offered to the aquarium hobbyist. A defining characteristic of Mobius is packaging all this capability in a way that makes programming and control intuitive, quick, and painless.

Mobius Control
Mobius is EcoTech’s new equipment control app.

Free for download from your favorite iOS or Android app store (available at the time of Versa public launch), Mobius turns your smart device into the control center for your EcoTech equipment. Other than your iOS or Android smart device, no additional controller is required.

By using app control as the interface for programming the Versa, complex programming is immediately simplified by using the power and simplicity of your existing smart device. App control removes the need to access a control panel and cycle through options and settings with a cumbersome onboard interface and hard to press buttons.

When setting up the Versa to dose, three modes can be selected; Continuous Mode, Manual Mode, or Auto Mode.

Continuous Mode Continuous Mode sets a dosing rate (volume/min) that runs when the pump is powered. Continuous Mode is an “always-operating” dosing mode and needs to be controlled by external means (controller, timer, float switch).

Continuous Mode Use Case: Using the Versa pump as part of an auto top off setup would be a Continuous Mode use case. This configuration involves pairing a Versa pump running in Continuous Mode with a float switch that activates when water levels drop. A good value for flow rate, in this case, is mainly dependent on the size of the aquarium and the differential between high and low positions on the float switch. (A substantial required volumetric change will most likely benefit from a higher dispense rate.)

Manual Mode
Manual Mode allows the selection of the dosing volume and duration. The Versa pump dispenses that volume at a rate consistent with the total volume desired. The rate can be set by time start and stop and a total dose volume, in which case the pump determines the appropriate dose rate. Multiple periods can be set (up to 30). The Catch-Up toggle, when engaged, allows the Versa pump to make up the dosing difference if the pump is shut down or is interrupted for some time. Catch-Up only doses missed volume up to the same days set total. It will not attempt to make up multiple days’ worth of dosing.

Manual Mode Use Case: This mode is an excellent option for replacing an existing dosing schedule. An advantage over current dosing pumps includes dosing the planned daily volume continuously over a more appropriate time period as opposed to fixed-rate dosing, which runs at the same rate until the total volume is complete (discreet). Discreet dosing points can also be created if that is the user’s preference. Dosing additives or food continuously over long periods may be a preferred dosing solution as it will not cause sudden changes in aquarium chemical parameters that may occur if single dosing events are utilized.

Auto Mode
Auto Mode schedules dosing specific to what additive or solution is dosed. This mode capitalizes on standard dosing practices and knowing water parameter changes in a reef aquarium based on light cycle and inhabitant biological activity. The dosing pump will not determine how much to dose (that requires testing and tuning). It will, however, schedule dosing around the salt or additive solution selected and best practices associated with dosing that particular salts or additives.

Examples Include:

  • Magnesium morning, Calcium afternoon, ALK Buffer night time.
  • Trace Elements dosed during or shortly before the brightest part of the scheduled photoperiod.
  • Calcium Reactor - Dose a higher ratio of daytime volume to night time volume to mitigate pH swings.
  • Kalkwasser - Dose higher ratio of nighttime volume to day time volume to mitigate pH swings.
  • Adaptive ATO - After a few refill cycles the Vectra pump learns the approximate rate of evaporation and performs continuous top off. Evaporation rate is ‘measured’ once a week to account for seasonal evaporation changes, resulting in much more stable salinity and sumps water level (especially useful for sumpless nano aquariums).

Auto Mode is ideal for all your aquarium dosing and top off activities. Simply choose the purpose or additive and then tune the dosing or set to your current expected volumetric requirements, and Auto Mode handles the rest.

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