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Eshopps Tanklimate Mega Acclimation Box
Eshopps Tanklimate Mega Acclimation Box
Eshopps Tanklimate Mega Acclimation Box
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*Newly improved in-tank acrylic isolation and acclimation unit with powerful magnetic attachment
*Facilitate the safe introduction and acclimation of new fish, coral, or invertebrates to any aquarium
*Removeable dividers allow custom configuration to acclimate one or multiple aquatic life specimen

Introduce new aquatic life to established aquarium livestock with the innovative ESHOPPS TankliMate Mega acclimation box. The TankliMate Mega is an easy-to-use internal acclimation box designed to facilitate the safe introduction and acclimation of new fish, coral, and invertebrates to any aquarium. Newly-improved design incorporates small 4mm flow holes making it safer for delicate specimens including mushroom corals, anemones, and other invertebrates. Solid-colored base helps reduce stress on your new fish, coral, and invertebrates during the acclimation period while removable dividers allow you to easily reconfigure your TankliMate Mega to single, double, or triple chambered acclimation unit to simultaneously accommodate one or multiple specimens. The TankliMate Mega comes equipped with newly-upgraded ESHOPPS sealed magnet mounts for secure placement.


  • Specially made to hold mushrooms and anemones safely
  • Easy lift hinged clear lid
  • Reconfigure removeable dividers to accommodate single or multiple fish
  • Good for marine and freshwater application
  • Strong anti-slip rubber padded magnets that hold securely on up to 1/2" thick glass/acrylic

Part Listing for TankliMate

  • 12" x 5" x 6" high Acrylic TankliMate Mega Acclimation Box
  • ESHOPPS Magnet Mounts
  • Lid
  • O Ring Seal
  • Dividers


  1. Remove your TankliMate Mega out of the box and confirm you have all the parts.
  2. Determine desired location for your TankliMate Mega.
  3. Select the amount of dividers to use depending on number and size of fish, coral, or inverts to be acclimated. Then slide the dividers along the notch openings on the top and bottom plate of the TankliMate Mega. When placed correctly, the Dividing Wall should stand securely in between the notches.
  4. Place the TankliMate Mega inside the aquarium to the desired position. Then place the ESHOPPS brand Magnet Mount on the external dry side of your aquarium while ensuring the internal Magnet Mount aligns with the corresponding external magnet Mount. Note: Align the magnetic mounts evenly to allow maximum holding strength.
  5. Open Clear Lid and place fish, coral, or inverts inside the TankliMate Mega and close the lid to prevent escape and or jumping.

Important Notes and Setup Tips

  1. TankliMate's lid should be opened and closed carefully to ensure O Ring seal remains secure.
  2. Never place your TankliMate next to a powerhead or wavemaker.

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