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Pond Mini Vac
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Pond Mini Vac
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* Convenient pond vacuums powered by your garden hose
* Easy-to-use pond vacuum helps simplify pond maintenance
* Removes sludge and debris from the bottom of ponds and water gardens

Inexpensive attachments convert garden hoses into convenient pond maintenance systems. The Pond Mini Vac vacuums away sludge and waste on the bottom of your pond.

Pond Mini Vac Includes: Debris bag, hose adapter, wheel suction nozzle, and a smooth-surface brush.

Pond MiniVac

Directions for Use
Your Lifegard MiniVac can be used with garden hose water pressure to clean any type of pond. For vinyl or smooth surfaces, the brush nozzle is recommended. Wheel suction nozzle is for use on rougher finishes or uneven surfaces.

For use with garden hose, the MiniVac is equipped with a fine mesh screen bag, which can be easily cleaned after use. This bag will remove most visible debris,

Instructions for use with garden hose

  1. Attach net to Suction Chamber, snap pole onto Handle Bracket and connect garden hose to Control Valve, making sure it is in the OFF position.
  2. Turn on water at the faucet.
  3. Place MiniVac over edge of ponds. Make sure the bag is pointed away from you. Turn Control Valve to full ON position.
  4. Vacuum, placing brush or wheel nozzle against surface to be cleaned.
  5. When cleaning is completed, remove bag and empty.

Hints for use

  • Be sure you have adequate water pressure to ensure proper cleaning.
  • Be sure you have enough garden hose to reach the farthest corners. This makes it easier to maneuver the MiniVac.
  • Debris that is too large to pass through the brush or wheel suction nozzle can usually be picked up if you remove the nozzle from the suction chamber.
  • Wheel suction nozzle should not be used on vinyl liner surfaces.
  • Bag can be cleaned easily by removing bag from top of suction chamber and rinsing it.

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