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Two Little Fishies STAX™ Aquascaping Rocks
Two Little Fishies STAX™ Aquascaping Rocks
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*Flat, porous oolitic limestone is great for building layered aquascapes
*Perfect for marine or freshwater aquariums
*100% natural and sustainably collected

Build striking, unique aquascapes in your aquarium with Two Little Fishies STAX™ Aquascaping Rocks. STAX™ are flat, porous, oolitic limestone shapes, perfect for building layered aquascapes in marine or freshwater aquariums. Provides a stable structure and limitless creative fun!

Each STAX rock is cut so that it has flat surfaces on both sides, allowing for easier and more secure stacking.

STAX are made from 100% natural, sustainably collected limestone -- no chemicals or additives to worry about. These pest-free, reef-safe rocks are ready to go into your aquarium.

Use with STIX™ cement to make open, gravity-defying structures, caves, ledges, and overhangs with lots of horizontal surfaces for attaching live corals. Used with AquaStik or CorAffix, STAX are also the perfect base for coral frags.

. Most of the pieces range in size anywhere from 3" x 4" to 4" x 6". STAX rocks are ready to use, no curing necessary.

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