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Fluval® Ceramic CO2 Diffuser
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Fluval® Ceramic CO2 Diffuser
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*Ceramic disc provides efficient CO2 diffusion into aquarium water
*Ideal for lush growth in planted aquariums
*Compatible with 88g Fluval Pressurized CO2 System

Provide your aquarium with optimal levels of CO2 and grow lush and vibrant aquarium plants with the Fluval CO2 Ceramic Diffuser. This disposable cartridge system, compatible with the 88g Fluval Pressurized CO2 System, sets up in just minutes and effectively ensures a consistent stream of carbon dioxide for ideal health and vibrancy of aquatic plants.

Also available is the Replacement Ceramic CO2 Diffuser Disc to be used with the Ceramic CO2 Diffuser.

Ceramic Diffuser installation:

  • Connect the CO2 diffuser to the bubble counter (sold separately) by pushing the hose into the CO2 output
  • Place CO2 diffuser inside the tank

NOTE: Maximum CO2 diffusion is achieved by placing the diffuser at the bottom of the tank. Replace ceramic disc regularly. For use in tanks up to 45 gallons.

Ceramic CO2 diffuser replacement disc installation:

  • Unscrew bottom of diffuser housing
  • Remove rubber retention gasket and replace ceramic disc
  • Insert rubber retention gasket with new disc into bottom of diffuser housing and hand-tighten

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