LiveAquaria Approved Aquatic Supplies: GloFish® Color-Changing Coral
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GloFish® Color-Changing Coral
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GloFish® Color-Changing Coral
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*Colors change for a new look under black lights
*Blue light reveals fluorescent colors on the coral for a eye-popping display
*Color changing is most impressive when viewed in a dark room

The GloFish Color-Changing Coral adds that perfect finishing touch you've been seeking for your GloFish Tank.

Depending on what kind of light it's exposed to, the GloFish Color-Changing Coral puts on a dazzling display. Under a black light the colors change, giving the coral a completely different look than under white light. Under blue light, the coral's colors turn a fluorescent shade that's sure to impress.

The GloFish Color-Changing Coral is best when viewed in a dark room.

Dimensions: 5.71" L x 3.15" W x 5.12" H

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