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Sporn® Orange Caulerpa Taxifolia
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Sporn® Orange Caulerpa Taxifolia
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*Artificial Caulerpa taxifolia glows under actinic blue lighting
*Realistic, free flowing movement in the current on your aquarium
*Suction-cup base allows drift-free placement in freshwater or saltwater setups

Create a fun, yet realistic aquarium landscape with artificial Caulerpa taxifolia. Sporn Orange Caulerpa Taxifolia glows in the dark under actinic blue lighting, and its super-flexible construction gently sways and moves in aquarium water current. 3" dia weighted rock base with center suction cup allows drift-free placement. Great for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, the Sporn Orange Caulerpa Taxifolia is made of nontoxic silicon and plastic material. Rinse with water prior to placing in your aquarium. Maximum dimensions are 9" wide x 5" high: actual size in your aquarium depends upon water movement and placement within your unique aquarium setup.

Usage Instructions: Rinse for 5 minutes in hot water to encourage lifelike movement in current. Place in aquarium, preferably in an area with water current to encourage realistic movement.

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