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Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO Water Pumps
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Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO Water Pumps
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*Multi-use water pump multitasks to satisfy all your aquarium needs
*Three pumps in one: powerhead, circulation pump, and utility pump
*Includes components for easy conversion of aquarium water pump

Expect more from this amazing 3-in-1 aquarium water pump system! Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO is a multipurpose powerhead and circulation pump that reconfigures to perform three distinct tasks. This powerful, submersible, sealed pump functions as a powerhead, propeller pump or a utility pump to suit your aquarium needs. Included components allow quick and easy conversion from impeller to propeller-driven use.

Use the Maxi-Jet PRO in submerged Powerhead Mode to run undergravel filters or as a recirculation pump, aeration pump and more. Utility Pump Mode allows convenient internal (underwater) or external (out of water) use as a return pump or for creating fountains. Laminar flow Propeller Pump Mode boosts aquarium water flow, making it an excellent choice for reef aquariums or any setup that requires beneficial water movement. The Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO is great for use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums and any application where reliable pump performance is a must.

Marineland Maxi-Jet PRO Includes:

  • Undergravel Adapter
  • Rotational Output with Air Intake
  • Airline Tube, Tube Router and Air Control Valve
  • Strainer/Prefilter
  • Triple-suction cup mount
  • Adjustable single-suction cup mounting hook with cable guide
  • Impeller Assembly
  • Propeller Assembly
  • Propeller Cover
  • Omni-Directional Mount and Adapter Plate (for use in propeller pump mode)
  • 1/2" outlet for use in return pump mode

Max gph Max Head
Model Powehead Circulation Utility Watts
400 110 500 3.0 ft 5
600 160 750 3.5 ft 8
900 230 1000 4.0 ft 10
1200 295 1300 6.0 ft 20
Setup Options

Option A
Utility Pumps
(Submerged or External Out-of-Water Use)

  1. Assemble Magnet and Impeller.
  2. Insert Impeller Assembly into Impeller Well.
  3. Attach Impeller Cover.
  4. Slide Strainer/Prefilter over Intake.
  5. Slide Suction Cup Mount onto the bottom of the pump.
  6. Place pump is desired location.

Option B
Laminar Flow
(Submerged Underwater Use)

  1. Assemble Magnet and Propeller.
  2. Insert Propeller Assembly into Propeller Well.
  3. Slide Propeller Cover over Propeller.
  4. Slide Adapter Plate onto the Omni-Directional Plate onto the bottom of the pump.
  5. Slide Adapter Plate onto the Omni-Directional Mount to attach the Suction Cup Mount.
  6. Place pump inside tank in desired location.

Option C
(Submerged Underwater Use)

  1. Assemble Magnet and Impeller.
  2. Insert Impeller Assembly into Impeller Well.
  3. Attach Impeller Cover.
  4. Slide Undergravel Adapter over Intake.
  5. Slide Strainer/Prefilter onto Undergravel Adapter.
  6. Attach the Rotational Output over the Outtake.
  7. Attach the Tube onto the Rotational Output. Insert the Air Control Valve into the other end of the Tube.
  8. Attach Tube Router onto the back of the pump and then attach Tube into Tube Router to secure it in place.
  9. Slide the Suction Cup Mount onto the bottom of the pump.
  10. Place pump in desired location.

Start your Pump (All pump models and Setup Options)

  1. Always use Suction Cups to stabilize the pump.
  2. Plug pump in. Note: make a Drip Loop for safety. Never let the pump run dry.

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