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Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters
Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters
Penguin BIO-Wheel Power Filters
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!

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* Penguin Series aquarium power filters with patented BIO-Wheel technology
* New features and improved flow rates for superior filtration - BIO-Wheel now more than 50% larger
* No-hassle 3-stage filtration keeps fresh or saltwater aquariums clean and clear

Eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact. Extra large BIO-Wheels provide superior biological filtration - 10 times more than other power filters. Adjustable intake system draws water from bottom AND mid-level for total water circulation and filtration. Innovative vented-hood reduces noise for quiet operation. Clear two-piece design means unobstructed view and convenient access to easy-change, longer-lasting, Rite-Size mechanical/chemical filter cartridges. Traps more debris and removes more odors, discoloration, and impurities. Models 200 and 350 feature an additional media slot for optional Media Basket(s), to customize your filtration needs.

Click on chart below to purchase appropriate size replacement filter cartridge.

Model Aquarium
GPH Cartridge
75 10 gal. 75 Rite-Size A 5" L x 5" W x 7.50" H
100 20 gal. 100 Rite-Size A 5" L x 5" W x 7.5" H
150 30 gal. 150 Rite-Size B 8" L x 5" W x 6.75" H
200 50 gal. 200 Rite-Size C 9" L x 5.25" W x 7.5" H
350 75 gal. 350 Rite-Size C 15" L x 5.25" W x 7.25" H
Installation/Quick Setup Guide
  1. Verify Model. Includes BIO-Wheel Cover, Filter Cover, Impeller Housing, Impeller, Intake Tube, Mid-Level Intake Strainer, Extension Tube, Strainer, BIO-Wheel(s), BIO-Wheel Bearings, Filter Box, and Filter Cartridge(s).
  2. Install Filter Cartridge(s). Rinse filter cartridges thoroughly and install with blue side facing back of filter box. BIO-Wheel should rest securely in BIO-Wheel Bearings.
  3. Assemble Intake. Attach strainer to extension tube and insert extension tube into mid-level intake strainer. Attach mid-level strainer to intake tube and insert intake tube into impeller housing.
  4. Install and Fill. Install Power filter on back of aquarium frame before adding water to filter box. Fill filter box with water. Replace BIO-Wheel and filter covers. To start your system, just plug in. Adjust intake if desired.

Replace filter cartridge every 2 to 4 weeks. NEVER clean or replace BIO-Wheel. Discoloration of material is normal and desirable. If excessive buildup occurs, rinse gently with dechlorinated water (room temperature) as needed. Extra media slot is for inserting additional filter cartridge or adding other filtration media.

Troubleshooting Guidelines
Symptoms Comments/Solution
If your filter fails to pump water or flow has slowed...
  • Make certain the power outlet is functioning properly. Unplug electrical cord momentarily, then reconnect to power source to restart the impeller.
  • Check to make sure Impeller Housing is firmly seated in Filter Box and that water is at correct level.
  • Remove Impeller Housing and make sure Impeller Assembly is free to rotate. A particle of carbon or gravel may be interfering.
  • Inspect aquarium water level. Maintain at least 1/2" below top of frame.
  • Clean inside of Intake Tube with flexible filter brush.
If your filter makes excessive mechanical noise...
  • Make sure the Impeller Housing is firmly seated in Filter Box and water is at correct level.
  • Remove Impeller Housing and make sure Impeller Assembly is free to rotate. A particle of carbon or gravel may be interfering.
  • Replace worn Impeller Housing or worn Impeller Assembly.
If air does not evacuate from system...
  • Check for crack in Intake Tube and replace if defective.
If your BIO-Wheel splashes and/or makes excessive water noise...
  • Allow 24 to 48 hours for "breaking in" period. Material in BIO-Wheel is not fully absorptive when new.
  • Check aquarium water level. Lower than normal levels can result in excessive splash or noise.
If your BIO-Wheel fails to move or stops...
  • Inspect the BIO-Wheel Bearing and Axle for dirt or mineral deposits. You may need to clean these areas carefully.
  • Make sure all parts are installed properly and that nothing is blocking BIO-Wheel.
  • Examine the Intake Tube for flow interference.
  • Lift Filter Cartridge and check for blockage.
  • Perform regular filter maintenance.
If your BIO-Wheel becomes discolored or dirty...
  • This is not a problem. It indicates the growth of beneficial biological bacteria, which remove toxic ammonia and nitrite from aquarium water. Do not attempt to clean BIO-Wheel pleats.
  • As long as BIO-Wheel is not damaged, it does not need to be replaced.

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