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Marineland® White Diamond® Ammonia Neutralizing Crystals
Marineland® White Diamond® Ammonia Neutralizing Crystals
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*Bulk chemical filter media for removing deadly aquarium ammonia
*Removes up to 4X more deadly ammonia for clean & fish-safe water
*Fill media bag or filter media basket to improve aquarium water quality

Protect aquarium fish against sudden and harmful ammonia spikes. Marineland® White Diamond® Ammonia Neutralizing Crystals remove up to 4 times more deadly ammonia to keep aquarium water clean and fish-safe. Use with a media bag in any aquarium filter to protect against sudden ammonia "spikes" and helps control the presence of ammonia especially during the break-in period of new aquarium setups.

White Diamond Ammonia-Neutralizing Crystals are ideal for all freshwater aquariums and ponds.

Always rinse filter media before use to remove excess dust.

Use 4 tbsp per 10 gallons of aquarium water.
Place in media bag or media basket and rinse thoroughly in cold water to eliminate dust particles.

Replace every 2-3 weeks (sooner if foul smells or water discoloration occur).

Note: Replacement frequency depends on fish population, waste loads, and water hardness.

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