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Neptune Temperature Probe for APEX JR AC3
Neptune Temperature Probe for APEX JR AC3
Neptune Temperature Probe for APEX JR AC3
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!

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*Quality probes for Neptune Systems AquaController Apex systems
*Accurate aquarium water parameter data support Apex system functions
*Replace worn probes or add another probe to monitor different aquariums

Monitor vital water parameters to maintain ideal aquarium water quality. Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Probes provide vital data to support Neptune Systems AquaController Apex system control functions. Use Neptune Systems AquaController Apex System Probes to replace worn probes or to expand functionality of your Apex Jr Kit, or Apex Kit. Use additional Probes to measure and monitor water parameters of multiple aquariums or different areas of your setup.

Neptune Systems Apex Extended Life Temperature Probe for APEX/JR/AC3 (mfg# PRBTMPJR) High quality Temperature Probe features ± 0.1°F accuracy with 6ft cable, encapsulated thermistor and 2.5mm Phono Jack Connector.

Probe Setup
The AquaController Apex system uses various probes to monitor your system. The measurements from these probes can be displayed on the Apex Display Module and Web Interface. The measurements from these probes can be used to control your system and alert you of problems through email alerts or audible alarms.

Temperature Probe Setup
A port to connect a temperature probe is included on the Apex Base Module and on several of the Apex system expansion modules. Setup and configuration of these temperature probes is the same for all probes on the system.

The Base AquaController Apex Module temperature probe will be identified as "Temp", the probe on the PX1000 Probe Expansion as "TempA", "TempB" and so on, and probes on Apex Probe Modules (PM1, PM2, etc) as "TmpX3", "TmpX4" and so on. The temperature probes are connected to the port labeled "Temp" on the base or expansion module. Simply push the probe cable plug into the port until the plug clicks into place. To remove the plug, push down on the tab and gently pull the plug out of the port.

WARNING: Do not remove the rubber cap from the tip of the temperature probe or damage to the probe will occur. All probes should be rinsed in clean tap water before placing in the aquarium. Place the temperature probe in an area with high flow that is continuously wet (not an overflow that may drain dry, for example). Maintain a drip loop in the wire back to the Apex module.

Temperature Probe Calibration
The AquaController Apex temperature probes have been calibrated at the factory and should not need to be calibrated. However, the AquaController Apex includes the ability to perform a calibration if desired.

To calibrate a Temperature probe: Apex Display: Setup - Temp Setup - Temp Calibrate - If you have more than one Temperature probe enabled on your system, use the up/down arrow keys to choose the probe you wish to calibrate, press Select, then use the up/down arrow keys to select the correct probe temperature, press Select when done.

Temperature Probe Maintenance
Temperature probes do not need maintenance other than cleaning on an infrequent basis. To clean the probe, gently brush the probe with a soft brush to remove any debris. Rinse the probe in tap water. Soaking the probe in acids (vinegar) solution is not typically needed but can be used to dissolve calcium buildup.

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