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CaribSea South Seas Base Rock
CaribSea South Seas Base Rock
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*Zero-aquatic-impact "reef rock" for functional aquarium decoration
*Attractive architectural shapes enhance aquarium aesthetics
*Highly-porous base rock offers a cost-effective foundation for live rock

Enjoy creative aquascaping options with budget - AND reef-friendly base rock. CaribSea South Seas Base Rock is zero-aquatic-impact reef rock perfect for any marine, reef, brackish or African cichlid aquarium. Beautiful and functional aquascaping rock boasts unsurpassed micro and macro porosity due to natural weathering. Over the course of eons, erosion and pitting of limestone create the attractive architectural shapes you see in each and every unique piece!

CaribSea South Seas Base Rock is perfect for a wide variety of aquarium styles including marine, reef, saltwater fish-only setups, African cichlid tanks and any hard water aquarium. CaribSea South Seas Base Rock is an excellent cost-effective choice in large reef aquariums. Simply use it as a stable foundation for stacking more colorful live rock. Highly porous base rock is full of nooks and crannies that offer great anchoring points for stacking or for placing coral fragments and more. Natural assorted pieces vary in size. The average size of each rock varies between approximately 6 to 14 inches.

Just as you would cure other natural structures (live rock, etc) before adding them to your aquarium, it is important to soak your CaribSea South Seas Base Rock prior to placement. This helps saturate the Seas Base Rock and loosen debris caught in the pores. Rinse thoroughly and arrange in your aquarium as desired.

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