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Eshopps IV Dosing Pump
Eshopps IV Dosing Pump

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*Easy to program two-channel electronic aquarium dosing unit
*Automate aquarium supplementation from 1ml to 1,999 ml
*Expansion slave units upgrade aquarium doser up to an 8 channel unit

2-channel electronic aquarium dosing unit automates and simplifies precision aquarium supplementation. Eshopps IV Dosing Pump is a precise micro-computer controlled dosing pump that can dispense liquid aquarium supplements as little as 1ml up to 1,999 ml. Simple push-button programming let's you easily enter dosing amount and frequency. Automate routine calcium, alkalinity, trace elements, magnesium, iodine, iron, amino acid supplementation and more!

Eshopps IV Dosing Pump IV-200 Master Unit is easily upgraded by connecting three-channel IV-300 Slave Units (each sold separately). Add up to two expansion slave units for up to eight independently controllable dosing channels. Automatic time-sharing feature prevents dosing pumps with different liquids from interfering with each other. Automatically activates each successive pump in 5-minute intervals when pump channels are set to dose at the same time.

Eshopps IV Dosing Pump features high-quality rubber tubes and motors that are quiet and durable. Waterproof control panel features a backlit LCD display. Use with standard 3/16" Flexible Airline Tubing. Eshopps IV Dosing Pumps measure 7-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" high.

NEW Eshopps IV Dosing Pump Accessories ease routine supplementation allowing convenient storage and dispensation of dosing liquids. Tube Holder measures 4" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/8" high and neatly organizes up to five dosing lines (tubes) - great for dosing setups dispensing multiple solutions. 2 Chamber and 5 Chamber Container boast durable 3/8" thick acrylic construction with clear acrylic windows for visual monitoring of dosing liquid levels.

# of Chambers Individual capacity
Total capacity
2 Chamber Container 2 0.5 gallons 1 gallon 6" x 4-3/4" x 12-1/4" high
5 Chamber Container 5 0.6 gallons 3 gallons 15" x 5" x 12-1/4" high

IV-200 Master Unit

  • The IV-200 Dosing Pump Master should be placed in an environment that is not a humid or hot and away from short-circuit control boxes to avoid moisture damage.
  • Pump Head features hoses with Hose Connectors for attaching standard airline tubing.
  • On the back of the IV-200 Master Dosing Pump are two ports that allow the option to connect two additional IV-300 Slave Dosing Pumps (sold separately) to have a total of 8 channels.
  • After powering up the screen, it will show the initial state of the clock at "00:00:00."

Setting the Clock:
In the initial state, press ESC Key. Then press the UP or DOWN button until the screen-display shows "SETUP CLOCK." Then press the ENTER key to enter the clock setting mode. To adjust, press the ENTER key to confirm and proceed to the next set of numbers to enter.

Manual Control Mode:

  • Press ESC key for the screen to show "MANUAL CONTROL."
  • Next, press ENTER. The screen will show "PUMP01." Press the UP or DOWN button to select the dosing pump you want to control manually. This unit allows for manual adjustment of up to 8 pumps (if connected with IV-300).
  • After selection, users can then activate the appropriate pump head by pressing the ENTER key. The liquid will then flow. Release the button to stop the flow of the pump. Press ESC Key to exit the Manual Control Mode.

Program Control Mode:
In the initial state, press ESC Key and then press the UP or DOWN key until the screen displays "SETUP PROGRAM." Pressing the ENTER key will display "SETUP P 1-2." Press ENTER (Pressing the UP or DOWN key when the screen displays "SETUP P 1-2" allows you to select between Pump 1 and Pump 2).

To Set Dosing Amount (Quantity):
When the screen show "SETUP PUMP 1," press the ENTER Key. The daily amount of liquid added to your system can now be set between 1 and 1999 ml.

At this point, the screen display will show "P 1: 0000" (with a cursor underneath the first value). To adjust the first value, press the UP or DOWN Key for 0-1 adjustment and then press ENTER Key to input the desire number. The cursor will automatically move to the next value.

The screen display will show "P 1:0000 "(with a cursor underneath the second number). To adjust the second number, press the UP or DOWN keys for 0-9 adjustment, press ENTER, and then proceed to the next number of adjustment. The third and fourth adjustment can be repeated in the same steps.

After daily dosing amount for PUMP 1 is set, confirm the dosing amount to make sure you entered the desired amount. (I.e. If PUMP 1 is set as P 1:0888, then please be aware that PUMP 1 will add 888ml of solution in the next 24 hours.)

To Set Dosing Frequency:
Press the ENTER key until the screen displays "CYCL/DAY P1 X". In this screen, X represents the number of times (frequency) the unit will dispense during the day (24 hours) as determined by a set manufacturer dosing amount.* Press the UP or DOWN key to adjust dosing frequency.

To Set Start Time:
Press the ENTER key, the screen will show "START: 00:00." The first two digits will start flashing. Press the UP or DOWN Key to adjust the first two digits until the Screen displays desired starting Hour in 24-hour Military Time (setting range 00 - 23). After determining a time, press the ENTER key and the screen will show "Saving ..." The operation will be stored and the settings will take effect.

Please Note: In order to prevent dosing pumps from interfering with each other, only the Hour can be set - the Start Time cannot be set in minutes. However, if the more than one pump shares the same start time, the system will automatically activate each successive pump in 5-minute intervals. For example, if three pumps share a 01:00 start time, PUMP 1 will activate at the start time of 01:00; PUMP 2 will activate at 01:05, and so on.

Repeat above steps for PUMP 2 and additional Pumps. When all pumps are programmed, press the ENTER key, when the screen displays "Saving ..." Your set time will take effect automatically. Press the ESC Key to exit setting status and to the display Eshopps logo and the current time.

This product has a data protection feature. If a long power outage occurs, recovery will resume after power up and the previous setting will be retained.

Expansion Unit Configuration:
Optional IV-300 Slave Pumps can be connected to the IV-200 Master Unit using the connection cable. Once the Slave Pump is connected to the Master Unit, and you go through the program control mode, it will now include a "SETUP P 3-5" display allowing you to program Pump 3 through 5 following the above programming protocol for Pump 1 and 2.

Set Manufacturer Dosing Amount*

Dosing Amount
(Quantity) in ml
Dosing Frequency per Day
(24 hours)
1 1,2
2 1,2,3,4
3 1,2,3,4,6
4,5 1,2,3,4,6,8
6-11 1,2,3,4,6,8,12
12-160 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24
161-319 2,3,4,6,8,12,24
320-479 3,4,6,8,12,24
480-639 4,6,8,12,24
640-959 6,8,12,24
960-1279 8,12,24
1280-1919 12,24
1920-1999 24

IV-300 Slave Unit
When connected to the IV-200 Master Dosing Pump, the IV-300 Slave Dosing pump adds three additional dosing head units for a total of five dosing head units that can each work separately. Two IV-300 Slave Dosing Pumps can be connected to the IV-200 Master Pump for a total of 8 channels for dosing.


  1. Place the IV-300 Slave dosing pump in a calm environment. Do not place in a wet or moist environment, so you may avoid short circuit issues.
  2. Please insert soft tube end on the two sides of the dosing head, then tie-in with PVC clarity tube. According to the liquid flow direction, put the tube of the left side (facing dosing head) to the additive, and another right side tube to the place where you want accession.
  3. Insert Hose Connectors to the ends of the soft tube on the dosing head, and attach standard airline tubing.
  4. Connect IV-300 Slave Dosing Pump to the IV-200 Master Dosing Pump using the Connection Cable.
  5. Once the IV-300 Slave Pump is connected, the Master Dosing Pump will now include a "SETUP P 3-5" display during set up programming. If a second IV-300 Slave Dosing Pump is connected, the Master Dosing Pump will then include a "SETUP P 6-8" display.
  6. Program the additional dosing pumps following the same programming protocol as the IV-200 Master Unit (Pump 1 and 2).

Chambered Container Installation Instructions

  1. Place the Chambered Container in a stable position.
  2. Remove the cover from the top of the container.
  3. Pour the supplement slowly into each chamber.
  4. Unscrew the cap of the inlet tube connector.
  5. Insert the tube through the cap.
  6. Connect the tube to the inlet tube connector of the Chambered Container.
  7. Turn the cap clockwise to lock the tube in place.
  8. Connect the other end of the tube to the intake (left side) of the Dosing Pump.
  9. Refill the supplements when needed.

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