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Eheim Quick Vac Pro
Eheim Quick Vac Pro
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*Battery-operated aquarium gravel cleaner
*Vacuums aquarium gravel to prevent waste buildup
*Removes detritus without taking out water

Quick and thorough removal of sludge and dirt layers in aquarium gravel. The Quick Vac Pro removes detritus without taking out water. Powerful and maintenance-free suction pump loosens gravel layer so the sludge is churned up and drawn into the suction system. Uses 4 AA batteries (included). For best results, operate the Quick Vac Pro at a maximum aquarium water depth of 23-1/2 inches and a minimum depth of 8 inches. For use in fresh or saltwater aquariums. The Quick Vac Pro measures 2-1/2" x 24" high.

Directions for use

Installation - Set the Impeller on the Impeller Holder and fit the Suction Jet and Housing together.

Inserting the Batteries
Remove the battery Compartment Cover by applying pressure on the Locking Button. Insert the batteries in accordance with the polarity markings (+/-). Please make sure the batteries are fitted correctly. If not, the impeller will run in the reverse direction with very limited power. Make sure that no moisture gets into the battery compartment. Also make sure the sealing ring fits properly when you close the unit. To ensure secure closure, make sure the Locking Button makes an audible "click."

NOTE: The alkaline batteries supplied with the Sludge Extractor last for an operating life of approximately 4 hours. If rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries are used, the operating life will be approximately 2 hours.

Cleaning your Aquarium Gravel
After the Suction Jet (and, if required, also the Extension Jet) is connected to the Pump Chamber, the Sludge Extractor is ready for use. To clean aquarium gravel, use the Suction Jet to loosen the gravel layer. The sludge in the gravel bed is churned and drawn into the suction stream of the pump.

The waterproof Button can be used to conveniently switch the Sludge Extractor ON and OFF. When switched OFF, any gravel, which has been sucked up will fall back to the bottom. Continue to clean an area until the water in the Suction Jet is clear. When using the Sludge Extractor, small dirt particles may cause aquarium water to become slightly cloudy. However, the main aquarium filter quickly removes this.

Cleaning the Filter Element
Press the two locking buttons on the sides and pull out the Filter Element. Remove one or both covers from the Filter Element and thoroughly clean filter by placing it under running water. After cleaning the filter, replace the cover. Place the bottom of the Filter Element into the Sludge Extractor Housing and snap into place.

After using the Sludge Extractor in a marine aquarium, thoroughly clean the unit in clean fresh water. To clean the Sludge Extractor, remove the Suction Jet, Filter Element, and the impeller, and then rinse the Sludge Extractor thoroughly under running water.

NOTE: Keep the battery compartment closed. Make sure the Sludge Extractor is operated in water so the impeller does not run dry.

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