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Dennerle Scaper's Tank Complete Aquascaping Aquarium
Dennerle Scaper's Tank Complete Aquascaping Aquarium
Dennerle Scaper's Tank Complete Aquascaping Aquarium
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*Panoramic rimless glass aquarium kit with nano filter and LED light
*Distinct deep dimensions allow for creative aquarium landscapes
*Brilliant LED lighting ensures healthy growth of live aquarium plants

Panoramic glass aquarium with distinct, deep dimensions allows hobbyists to flex their creative aquascaping talents. Dennerle Scaper's Tank Complete Aquascaping Aquarium boasts 50 years of expertise from Europe's largest aquarium plant nursery. Beautiful, rimless low-profile glass aquarium provides the perfect canvas for hobbyists to create breathtaking underwater landscapes. Inclusive kit comes with 39gph Nano Corner Filter and 5.5W Nano Power-LED fixture to ensure a viable long-term habitat for a variety of fish, invertebrates, and aquatic plants.

Scaper's Tank 10 US gallons 15.7" x 12.4" x 11" high:

  • Panoramic rimless glass aquarium with depth effect
    • Lower and deeper than standard aquariums
    • High-clarity, low-iron glass
  • Cover panel with finger hole
  • Heat-insulating safety underlay
  • Nano Power-LED 5.0
    • Compact, slim line design
    • 12 high-quality power LEDs with shimmering effect
    • Outstanding grow light for aquarium plants
    • High-quality aluminum housing with stainless steel mounting rods
    • Adjustable horizontally (max 3.94") and vertically (max 7.09")
    • 6,500°K, 500 Lumen, 21V. 5.5W
  • Nano corner filter
    • Large surface area for filter bacteria
    • Safe for shrimps and crayfish
    • Freely adjustable water flow
    • Filter outlet rotatable up to 90°
    • Easy to operate and clean
    • 150l/h (approximately 39 gph) capacity 2W


  1. Choose an appropriate location for the aquarium. The location should be relatively dark, for example in the corner of a room. The aquarium should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Too much light will lead to unwanted algae formation and may harm the animals and plants in the aquarium as a result of overheating.
  2. Remove all accessories from the aquarium. Rinse out aquarium with warm tap water - do not use any cleaning agents!
  3. Place entire base area of aquarium with safety underlay on a smooth, horizontal surface of adequate, load-bearing capacity. Do not place the aquarium on electrical appliances or on furniture with surfaces, which are susceptible to staining with water. Please note the total weights of the setup filled with water: Scaper's Tank 10 = approximately 100 lbs.
  4. .
  5. Before setting up the aquarium, fill with water to ensure there are no leaks. Leave the aquarium in filled state for a number of hours.
  6. For information on the right way to set up a freshwater or seawater aquarium and bring it to biological maturity so as to achieve an ecologically stable aquarium, see the corresponding Dennerle brochures or visit Dennerle online.


Please be careful to observe the needs of the creatures in your aquarium. Before buying shrimps, crabs, fish, or corals and placing them in your aquarium, be sure to check on the type of habitat they require, e.g., aquarium size, water values, temperature, combinations of different species, and density of flora and fauna. Corresponding information is to be found in relevant literature, on the Internet, at your pet retail, or in Dennerle brochures. The Scaper's tank should only be used to keep the fish varieties for which this type of aquarium offers a viable long-term habitat.

About Dennerle
Water Is The Origin Of All Life.
And Aquatic Plants Are The Origin Of Our Company.

Nature is full of wonders. It demonstrates the laws of biological balance. It evolves astounding solutions to complicated problems. Dennerle follows nature's model here. It was his love of aquaria, his interest in a profession, which was little known at the time that prompted Ludwig Dennerle to embark on his research into aquatic plants over forty years ago. And this initial spark still fires enthusiasm to entice others into the wonderful world of aquaria and garden ponds to the rallying cry of the Dennerle motto: Experience nature!

Ultimately, aquatic plants are at the root of all the company's efforts. These are the most sensitive element of any aquatic habitat. They serve as an indicator of water quality, provide the essential basis for healthy fish and are the key to effectively functioning aquatic environments. An insight into the secrets of aquatic plants is key to understanding the world of water.

Today, the company's portfolio comprises well-conceived systems for effectively functioning small-scale eco-systems: Aquatic plants, plant care products, aquarium and pond accessories. The key idea behind Dennerle's product development operations is to create sustainable solution systems geared to establishing the right biological balance. This approach gives rise to a continual output of trail-blazing innovative products. The company's development team, internal research department, and in-house aquatic plant breeding operations provide a crucial competitive edge here.

On the back of its commitment to perfection and its pronounced quality consciousness, Dennerle has evolved into a recognized premium manufacturer of international standing. Dennerle sees itself as a modern company founded on traditional principles. Today, it is a leading manufacturer in the fields of branded aquarium products and pond accessories.

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