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seneye Monitor System Accessories

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*Accessories for seneye Home, Reef, and Pond monitoring devices
*Ease customization, maintenance & installation of seneye devices
*Keep seneye monitoring devices operating at peak performance

Ensure best performance from your seneye device with accessories that ease customization, maintenance and installation. seneye Monitor System Accessories are compatible with seneye Home Aquarium Monitor System and seneye Reef Aquarium Monitor System .

seneye+ Slide (Ammonia & pH) 3-Pack (Mfg# SEN000260)

Each disposable seneye+ Slide lasts 30 days and provides 1,500 ammonia and pH readings. Requires no time consuming or expensive calibration. Includes three disposable seneye+ Slides with individual activation codes for e-mail alerts, automatic online graphing, and personalized advice. *Please Note: The seneye+ Slide has a recommended use by date of 12 months from date of manufacture.

seneye Parts Pack (Mfg# SEN000228)

Pack contains a new black Back Cover and Suction Cup. Suction Cup is also compatible with the seneye+ Slide Soaker. Please note: The Back Cover and the Suction Cup are the only two parts on your seneye device you can lose or replace.

seneye+ Slide Soaker (Mfg# SEN000221)

Wet up and stabilize your seneye+ Slide faster with the seneye+ Slide Soaker. Simply fit your new seneye+ Slide in the seneye+ Slide Soaker and then place inside your aquarium or pond to allow proper soaking essential for accurate pH readings. Use included Suction Cup for convenient placement inside of your aquarium or Eyelet for tethering seneye+ Slide Soaker when floating seneye+ Slide Soaker in your pond.*seneye+ slide not included.

seneye Cleaner (Mfg# SEN000267)

Easily remove unsightly coralline algae or mineral buildup to restore the look of your seneye device. Empty nontoxic crystals into a glass of water and place your seneye device into the cleaning solution to remove even the hardest coralline algae or mineral buildup. Includes 30ml seneye Cleaner, Gloves, and Instructions. Note: Not for use inside aquarium. Remove seneye+ Slide and store it in aquarium water before cleaning your seneye device.


seneye+ Slide (Mfg# SEN000260)

  • Monitor the invisible killers in your aquarium: The highly accurate disposable seneye+ Slide ensures there is no calibration of the device needed, simply replace each month for accurate and reliable readings. Your replacement slide allows for the monitoring of free ammonia and pH. The free ammonia (NH3) sensor allows for detection of this highly toxic chemical at very low levels. The pH sensor allows for monitoring of your aquarium or pond water between 6.4 and 9. This range is ideal for most aquatic life and by monitoring this range increased accuracy has been achieved.
  • Early warning, intelligent software predicts future water conditions: The intelligent software in the seneye system monitors all the readings as they are delivered and using sophisticated algorithm, your levels will be predicted based on your previous readings, type of environment and the volume of water.
  • Graphing you can see around the world: With the seneye+ your data is automatically graphed for you, allowing you to instantly see any developing trends. You can access results from your account worldwide, the reasons are stored online for easy viewing.
  • Convenient alerts sent to e-mail and mobile phone: Automatic alerts when your levels increase or decrease can be sent to your e-mail address or optionally to your mobile phone via SMS* messages (SMS alerts may not be available in all countries).
  • Soak slide for 24 hours: Remember to always soak your seneye+ Slide for a minimum for 24 hours before using it. Take a glass of water from your aquarium or pond and place the slide in. Soaking allows the sensor pad time to stabilize so accurate readings can be taken.

seneye Cleaner (Mfg# SEN000267)

Directions for Use
Ideal for cleaning aquarium and pond equipment covered in coralline algae or hard water scale.
Contains Citric Acid

Note: Please wear the provided Gloves and minimize any dust during handling of crystals. The solution formed once water is added is corrosive. If splashed, wash the area immediately and thoroughly with tap water.

Remove seneye+ Slide and store in aquarium water.

Step 1
Place a 500ml glass (or pint glass) in a sink.
Next, place the seneye Cleaner in that glass.
Add lukewarm water to half-fill the glass (some of crystal but not all will dissolve).

Step 2
Get your seneye device ready by removing the seneye+ Slide, Suction Cup, and Back Cover.
Keep the seneye+ Slide safe and wet in aquarium water if your wish to reuse it.
Place the seneye device into the cup ensuring the wire is kept high and dry (ideally, the USB Cord should be fixed to something higher than the sink level). The Back Cover and Suction Cup can also be placed in the solution.
Top off the glass with more lukewarm water to cover the seneye device.
Leave for 3-4 hours. You should see some fizzing.
It is good to slightly agitate the solution and device.

Step 3
Check to see if device is free of dirt by lifting it out of the solution.
It can be left longer if required.
Stubborn dirt can be lifted using a cotton swab.
Leave for another 3-4 hours if required.
Repeat Step 3 if required.

Step 4
The seneye Cleaner solution and leftover crystals are safe to be poured down the sink.
Wash the device, glass and sink with copious amounts of fresh water.
Ideally, leave it stand in fresh water for a few hours after washing.

Your newly cleaned seneye device is now safe to start using again.
Replace seneye+ Slide.

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