LiveAquaria Approved Aquatic Supplies: Hydor Theo Heater
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Hydor Theo Heater
Hydor Theo Heater
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* Patented heating element automatically turns off if water level declines
* Easy temperature adjustment - knob clicks at every degree change
* Submersible heater with shatterproof glass resists breakage

Patented heating film and special shatterproof glass make this submersible heater virtually unbreakable. Theo switches itself off if the heater is not fully submersed - avoiding overheating and damage. Precise temperature knob clicks in 1°F increments, and an indicator lamp lets you know when it's on. Suction-cup clamps included. 5-1/2 ft. cord. UL-Listed.

Watts Length Aquarium Size
25 7" 2-7 gallons
50 7" 5-14 gallons
100 9" 14-26 gallons
200 12" 26-53 gallons
400 15-1/2" 80-105 gallons

  • Adjustment knob
  • Graduated scale
  • Setting indicator
  • Minimum water level line
  • Indicator lamp
  • Shatterproof glass

Patented Heating Technology
This submersible heater operates with PTC, a heating technology patented by Hydor. Its heating element is made of a special polymer that has been silk printed with special ink. The ink heats up with the passing of electric current, and the heat is transferred to the water. Its unique feature is that it is self-regulating. The heating element turns off automatically when the heater is not fully submersed in water (such as when performing water changes). This prevents overheating and breakage of the unit.

Safety Precautions

  1. Unplug all electrical appliances before making water changes or performing any maintenance.
  2. Use this heater indoors only.
  3. Check voltage to verify the one that's reported on the heater label corresponds to your electrical supply.
  4. Do no use if either the cable or the heater are damaged.
  5. Do not plug in when out of the water.
  6. Keep water at or above "Minimum Water Level" line.

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