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Kent Marine Garlic Xtreme
Kent Marine Garlic Xtreme

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* Naturally strengthen your fishes' resistance to parasites, fungi, and bacteria
* Enhance everyday food with potent, nutritious garlic
* Entice even the finickiest eaters to take food

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Garlic Xtreme?
Nutritious garlic naturally strengthens your fishes' resistance to parasites, fungi, and bacteria - enhances everyday food to entice even the finickiest eaters.
Garlic Xtreme helps boost your fishes' immune systems and encourage proper feeding with natural, nutritional garlic. You'll easily give all your marine and freshwater fish a potent source of garlic which helps combat infection and disease, while naturally attracting fish to food. Simply soak food with Garlic Xtreme, and even the finickiest eaters will be enticed to eat. You may also add Garlic Xtreme directly to aquarium water if fish are not eating.

Garlic Xtreme contains no artificial ingredients or steroids, and is safe for all species of marine and freshwater fishes, plants, live corals, and other invertebrates. Does not require refrigeration. 1 oz treats 1,200 gallons.

Directions For Use: Add 2 drops Garlic Xtreme per teaspoon of fish food each time you feed. Do not feed more than fish can eat in a five-minute period. Use particularly if parasites are present or fish have visible wounds or infections. If fish are not eating, you can add Garlic Xtreme directly to the aquarium water at the rate of 1 drop per 10 gallons.

Considerations For Use: Garlic Xtreme is an all-natural food additive for all ornamental fishes. It is a natural attractant for fish and will help cause finicky eaters to take food. Garlic is safe for all species of marine and freshwater fishes and plants, live corals, and other invertebrates. Because Garlic Xtreme is very strong and fish are extremely sensitive to chemical cues and scents in the water, do not exceed 2 drops per feeding, or fish may become confused.

Active Ingredients: 99% Allium Sativum Extract (Garlic Juice), Citric Acid and Ascorbic Acid (as preservatives).

Precautions: Not for human consumption. Keep out of the reach of children.

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