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Seachem Coral Plugs
Seachem Coral Plugs
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*Unique, chemically advanced plugs allow stable mounting & growing of corals and polyps
*Ideal for SPS and LPS coral, plus soft corals, colonial polyps, and other sessile invertebrates
*Enhanced with calcium and magnesium to aid corals in rapid and secure growth
*Diamond shape encourages encrusting and quick growth from plug to plug

Seachem coral plugs provide a unique, chemically advanced platform for stable mounting and growing of freshly cut corals and polyps. Designed for mounting SPS and LPS coral, Seachem coral plugs are also ideal for soft corals, colonial polyps, and various other sessile invertebrates.

Enhanced with calcium and magnesium to aid corals in rapid and secure growth, each sturdy coral plug features a unique diamond shape that aids overgrowth of encrusting coral or polyps. Seachem Coral Plugs are designed to mesh together tightly when used in most coral culture systems so that various encrusting and colonial corals, such as zoanthids, can spread quickly from plug to plug.

Seachem coral plugs are ideal for use with Seachem Reef Glue. Each measures 1-1/8 x 9/16" x 9/16" high and includes a 3/8" dia base.

Instructions: Rinse well prior to use. Blot dry top of frag mount, apply a small amount of adhesive to coral base and hold together for 15 seconds. Place coral frag back in aquarium. For best results, we recommend introducing no more than 1 frag mount per gallon per week into an established aquarium.

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