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EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System
EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System
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* Updated mounting kit for the redesigned EcoTech Marine G5 Radion aquarium LED light fixtures
* Adjustable mounting arm allows convenient tank mount of G5 Radion LEDs onto most standard or rimless aquariums
* Stylish, low profile Radion LED mounting system minimizes visual clutter to preserve aquarium aesthetics

Redesigned EcoTech Marine RMS Radion LED Light Mounting System accommodates the latest Radion G5 LED aquarium light fixture. The updated EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System offers an attractive and simple tank mount solution without limiting functionality. New arched X-Bracket design allows proper cooling of G5 Radions featuring a top-mounted fan. The EcoTech Marine RMS Radion LED Light Mounting System beautifully tank-mounts your EcoTech Marine G5 Radion LED light fixture on most standard or rimless aquariums with ease! Unlike conventional mounting arms, the EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System boasts two adjustment points to allow fine-tuning of light fixture placement AND orientation.

EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System features an adjustable modular design that customizes to your particular setup. Sliding Rails allow easy front-to-back adjustments and the rotating X-Bracket allows 360-degree rotation along the horizontal axis so you can orient your Radion LED Light fixture parallel or perpendicular to your aquarium.

EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System positions your EcoTech Marine Radion LED light fixture approximately 8" above aquarium rim and includes multiple sliding rails to accommodate aquariums that measure 12 to 20 inches front to back.

EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System measures approximately 3-1/4" wide and 12" high (Length or distance the arm extends from the aquarium rim varies by the Sliding Rail used as well as the position of Sliding Rail).


  • Standard and Rimless Tank Compatible-Fits the vast majority of commercially available standard and rimless tanks.
  • Attractive and Minimalistic-A low profile, sleek design keeps your attention on your tank not on your tank mount.
  • Super Easy Setup-No drilling, no cutting and no holes in your wall or stand - have your light mounted in minutes.
  • Heavy Duty-Sturdy metal and plastic construction will last the life of your tank.
  • Integrated Cord Management-Keep power cords secured out of sight on the mount.
  • Multiple Components for a Clean Look-One size fits all only goes so far, different rail lengths are included to best fit your tank.
  • Adjusts for Fine Tuning-Need to move your Radion forward or backward a little? - No problem!
  • Mount Lights Parallel or Perpendicular-Rotating X-brackets lets you orient your lights laterally or longitudinally.

RMS Radion Mounting System For Use With # of Included Sliding Rails
XR15 Tank Mount Kit(Mfg# XR719-15) Radion XR15W Pro LED Light Fixture
Radion XR15 Freshwater LED Light Fixture
2 Total
(1) 6-1/4" Long
(1) 9-1/4" Long

Assembly Instructions

  1. Choose appropriate Space configuration.
    • If using the RMS on a rimmed tank: Leave the included Spacer on the Clamp Chop.
    • If using the RMS on a rimless tank: Slide the included Spacer off the Clamp Chop.
    • NOTE: Do not use on a European style rimmed tank with a plastic or glass lip that obstructs the use of the Clamp. Using the Clamp fully or partially on a plastic tank extension may result in failure of the bracket and water damage to the mounted light.
  2. Mount the RMS Assembly to tank.
    • Warning: Do not over-tighten Clamp. Over-tightening may result in damage to your tank or RMS Assembly.
  3. Choose appropriate Sliding Rail for desired front to back position. *XR15 Kit only includes two Sliding Rails.
  4. Inset X-Bracket Assembly into the end of the Sliding Rail and tighten down screws.
  5. Attach Radion LED light fixture to X-Bracket.
  6. Guide Sliding Rail onto Formed Arm over the Locking Nut and tighten screw in desired position.

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