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Assassin Snail
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Assassin Snail (Clea helena)
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Quick Stats

Care Level Moderate
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Black, Orange
Diet Omnivore
Water Conditions 68-74° F, KH 2-15, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 3"
Origin Indonesia
Family Pachychilidae
Minimum Tank Size 30 gallons
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Control runaway snail populations with hired assassins! The Assassin Snail, or Snail Eating Snail, is a small, easy-to-keep freshwater invert completely harmless toward fish and shrimps, but quite effective in reducing nuisance snail explosions. It is also extraordinarily eye-catching in planted aquariums, featuring a bright yellow with chocolate brown striped shell.

In the wild, you'll find the Assassin Snail living in clean, fast-flowing streams with sandy or muddy substrates, though they are also tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, including ponds and ditches, making them a hardy addition to the home aquarium. Opportunistic carnivores, the Assassin Snail feeds on both live prey and scavenged detritus. They stay partially hidden under the sediment, and if a snail its size or smaller slides past, they will give chase and devour it. Otherwise, Clea helena is a peaceful community tank resident. Fish are at no risk at all once mobile, and livebearer fry are ignored.

To address an existing population explosion of Malayan live-bearing snails or alike, consider stocking quite a few Assassin Snails, ideally 5 snails for every 15 gallons in your system.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1/4" to 1/2"

Customer Testimonials

Pat R Fort Myers , FL
Unwanted snails are a fact of life in a planted aquarium. My tank was overwhelmed by them and manually removing them was futile. Not wanting to use a chemical fix, I started with one Assassin snail and was amazed at it's voracious appetite. Think Pac-Man goobling ghosts! I have added more Assassins and the snail problem is now a thing of the past. I highly recommend this natural method of snail control.
Bruce M Lawton , OK
My tank was overrun with small, conical snails, literally thousands of them. Nothing I did to control them without dangerous chemicals worked. Then, there was the Assassin Snail. Inside of two months the nuisance snails were gone. After a year, I only see an occasional Assassin Snail.
Monica N Pomana , CA
This little guy moves fast for a snail! It's so fun to watch it move around the tank. It's beautiful too. Of course, clearing up the unwanted pond snails for my tank is a huge plus as well! Love it!!
Lauren B Athens , GA
AMAZING!!!! I love my assassin snail. I started off with 20+ cone snails/other unwanted snails and now I am down to 5. Heh, this guy works. I recommend 100%!
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