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RO & Deionization

Shop the LiveAquaria® RO & Deionization category for the production of pure water free of dissolved minerals, potential aquarium pollutants, and other impurities. Ideal for use with freshwater or saltwater aquariums clean pure water, produced by reverse osmosis and deionization units, provides a "blank canvas" allowing aquarium hobbyists to achieve specific water parameters through the use water conditioners, reef additives, or synthetic salt mixes with greater ease. Choose from our selection of quality aquarium RO and water purification products to enjoy the benefits of clean water, free of pollutants.

A reverse osmosis, or RO, unit is a pressurized system that installs to your faucet or sink. Water pressure from the tap forces water through a series of membranes that remove organic and inorganic impurities from water. The ideal operating pressure for a RO unit is typically 65 psi (pounds per square inch). The use of a RO pressure gauge is important to monitor ideal operating pressure. If the operating pressure is too low, a RO pump can be installed to increase the pressure.

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