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Spring Cleaning Secrets to a Successful Pond Season

Spring Cleaning Tips

After a long winter, pond-keepers should prepare their pond for the coming pond season with a spring pond cleaning. This year, why not ease spring cleanup with a pond vacuum, and enjoy better pond water quality and fish health throughout the coming pond season.

Take Steps to Create a Healthier Pond Environment
Spring pond cleanup is ultimately about improving water quality. As soon as pond water temperatures are consistently at or above 60°F, begin cleaning the bottom of your pond. Remove large organic debris such as fallen leaves with a pond net and then remove sludge/muck with a pond vacuum.

Spring Pond Cleanup Tips

  • Keep pond-vacuuming sessions relatively short; remove no more than 10% of the pond water volume per cleaning. Water that is removed needs to be replaced, and after a freezing winter, tap water may still run very cold. Replacing more than 10% of your pond water with frigid tap water can unnecessarily stress your pond fish.
  • Use a tap water conditioner to combat harmful chlorine and chloramines in tap water.

  • Add bacterial additives to enhance vital biological filtration and provide beneficial bacteria that compete against harmful, pathogenic bacteria.

  • Install a pond aerator placing the diffuser (bubbler) near the surface to replenish vital oxygen levels and to optimize biological filtration.


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