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Fluval SEA PS2 MINI Protein Skimmer
Fluval SEA PS2 MINI Protein Skimmer

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*Powerful protein skimmer for marine aquariums under 20 gallons
*Removes dissolved organic compounds to maintain water quality
*Measures just 3" x 3" x 10" high to fit compact aquarium spaces

Looking for a powerful protein skimmer for your nano aquarium? The Fluval SEA PS2 MINI Protein Skimmer provides the perfect solution for marine and reef aquariums between 5 and 20 gallons that require efficient removal of dissolved organic compounds. Compact, yet powerful skimmer employs a 32-needle wheel impeller that generates optimal bubble size for maximum protein collection. Adjustable water level control valve and adjustable flow regulators allow fine-tuning of skimmer performance.

Fluval SEA PS2 MINI Protein Skimmer measures 3" x 3" x 10" high and is recommended for aquariums between 5 and 20 gallons including the Fluval SEA EVO Marine Aquarium Kit.


  • Designed for saltwater aquariums between 5 and 20 US Gallons
  • 32 needle-wheel impeller increases air-to-water contact ratio, creating ideal bubble size for maximum protein collection
  • Adjustable flow regulators control amount of air entering reaction chamber to produce perfect amount of "skimmate"
  • Adjustable water-level control valve regulates skimming performance
  • Large reaction chamber mixes air and water effectively to remove organic waste from water molecules
  • Clear collection cup allows for easy monitoring of waste and removal for cleaning
  • Versatile mounting options - adjustable hanging bracket and suction cups included
  • Modular design is easy to access and clean
Aquarium Capacity 5-20 gallons
Dimensions 3" x 3" x 10" high
Cup Dimensions 2" x 2" x 3" high
Cup Volume 6.4 oz
Pump Wattage 8W
Cord Length 5.9 ft
Maximum Clearance Above Water Line 3.75"

About Fluval

What Makes Fluval So Trusted?
Fluval is a world leader in quality aquatic products. Fish-hobbyists everywhere have depended on Fluval's reliable technology and great design for over 35 years.

Fluval has built its reputation by developing technically advanced, innovative products that are easy to use, durable, and convenient. Without Fluval innovations the world's aquariums would be far less inspiring.

Fluval's pioneering spirit and commitment to technology and design are also reflected in its wide product range, from the technically advanced Fluval G Series Filters to stylish yet practical aquariums, including Fluval Edge, Chi, Profile, and Studio.

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