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Hallcrest Vertical Aquarium Thermometer
Hallcrest Vertical Aquarium Thermometer
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*3/4"W x 5-1/4"H adhesive back vertical digital aquarium thermometer
*Aquarium thermometer changes color to indicate water temperature
*Displays aquarium temperature range between 66° & 84° Fahrenheit

Fully calibrated, stick on thermometer allows accurate monitoring of aquarium water temperature. Hallcrest Vertical Aquarium Thermometer employs precision temperature-sensitive thermochromic liquid crystal technology for easy color-coded readout of aquarium water temperature. Simply remove release paper and press firmly in place on outside of glass aquarium.

Hallcrest Vertical Aquarium Thermometer measures 3/4" x 5-1/4" high.

Range: 66° to 84°F

Installation Instructions:

  1. Select a location below water line and on the outside of the aquarium.
  2. Remove Release Paper exposing Adhesive Backing.
  3. Place thermometer on aquarium and press firmly in place. CAUTION: Avoid placing in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

How It Works:
The thermometer utilizes sensitive color changing liquid crystals. Each temperature indicator (number) is a separate formulation manufactured by Hallcrest under strict laboratory specifications. This highly accurate thermometer is fully calibrated. When adhered to the aquarium (see installation instructions), the unit reacts immediately to temperature changes.

Read Temperature as Follows:
  1. Green = Exact temperature
  2. Tan/Red = 1 degree lower
  3. Blue/Violet = 1 degree higher

If no reading appears, the temperature of the water has exceeded the thermometer range (hot or cold). IMMEDIATELY check (feel water): Is heater malfunctioning?

Easy to read, accurate, safe & nontoxic. Unbreakable, non-corrosive, mounts on the outside of your aquarium. You can read the temperature at a glance. Thermometer can be repositioned.

General Information

What They Are
These self-adhesive labels consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements containing microencapsulated Thermochromic Liquid Crystal TLC coated on a black backing. Each element changes color distinctly as its rated temperature is reached, passing through the colors of the spectrum in sequence (Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue) before turning black at a higher temperature. The TLC strips are calibrated so that the indicator that shows green indicates the actual temperature. The color changes are reversible and the reflected colors will be observed in the reverse order upon cooling.

How the Labels Work
The temperature-sensitive elements contain TLC molecules that are very sensitive to temperature and change position / twist in relation to changes in temperature. This change in molecular structure affects the wavelengths of light that are absorbed and reflected by the liquid crystals, resulting in an apparent change in the color of each temperature event. When the rated temperature of an indicator is reached, the TLC molecules twist slightly causing the TLC substance to absorb the red and blue portions of the visible light and reflect the green part. This causes the temperature event to appear green. When the temperature decreases, the molecules begin to twist in the opposite direction, and the TLC reflect a different portion of the spectrum.

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