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Pro Clear Sock Canister
Pro Clear Sock Canister
Pro Clear Sock Canister
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* Sensible, long-lasting alternative to filter socks used with Pro Clear aquarium sump filters
* Effectively traps coarse aquarium debris while allowing beneficial bacteria to colonize
* Accommodates additional aquarium filter media of your choice for enhanced aquarium filtration

Simplify maintenance AND boost performance of your Pro Clear aquarium sump filters. The Pro Clear Sock Canister is a simple yet innovative alternative to filter socks that expands upon the traditional mechanical filter by introducing additional biological and chemical filtration for enhanced aquarium water quality. Included cylinder sponge traps coarse aquarium debris to provide effective mechanical filtration but is porous enough for desirable copepods to pass through and to allow beneficial bacteria to colonize it for supplemental biological filtration. Large capacity canister boasts enough space to accommodate additional chemical filter media of your choice for a highly customizable filtration option.

The Pro Clear Sock Canister includes a sponge remover that allows easy removal of the cylinder sponge for convenient maintenance. Gently rinse in aquarium water to remove accumulated debris while preserving beneficial bacteria. Unlike traditional filter socks, there's no need to wash or use such harsh chemicals as bleach to clean it.

The Pro Clear Sock Canister accommodates Pro Clear brand aquarium sump filters as well as other sump filter brands that utilize 4" filter socks.

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