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Assorted Tongan LPS Coral 3 Pack
Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen.
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Assorted Tongan LPS Coral 3 Pack (Miscellaneous species)

Quick Stats

Care Level Easy - Moderate
Temperament Semi-aggressive
Color Form Assorted
Water Conditions 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Origin Tonga
Family Multiple Families
Lighting Moderate to High
Waterflow Medium
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The Tongan LPS Coral 3 Pack is fantastic offering of assorted LPS (large polyp stony) corals from Tonga sure to add incredible color and visual interest to your reef aquarium landscape. Though packaged with the beginner reef aquarist in mind, even the most experienced hobbyist can appreciate the beauty and value of these Tongan LPS corals. Our expert packaging crew will hand select these pieces for diversity in coloration and form sure to please any reef aquarium hobbyist.

The ideal environment for these Tongan LPS corals is an established reef aquarium with coral-friendly fish and invertebrates. The corals included in the Tongan LPS Coral 3 Pack require moderate lighting achieved by T-5s, powerful LEDs or the more intense metal halides combined with moderate water movement within the aquarium. Keep in mind these LPS corals are aggressive in temperament and will expand sweeper tentacles at night well beyond their base. It is important to leave ample space between these LPS corals and neighboring corals in your reef aquarium.

For continued good health, calcium, strontium, iodine, magnesium and trace elements should be added to the water column. Corals included in the Tongan LPS Coral 3 Pack satisfy the majority of their nutritional requirements by means of photosynthetic, symbiotic zooxanthellae algae hosted within their body. However, these Tongan LPS corals will benefit from supplemental feedings in the form of micro-plankton or baby brine, fed twice per week in the evening while their tentacles are visible.

Approximate Purchase Size: 2-1/2" to 4-1/2"

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