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CrystalClear® BioClarifier™
CrystalClear® BioClarifier™
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*Concentrated natural pond clarifier clears pond water with natural bacteria and enzymes
*Naturally clarifies pond water, removes odors, and breaks down suspended dead debris
*Billions of bacteria colonies and added enzymes seed and maintain pond biological filter

Naturally clear water, remove odors, and break down suspended organics and debris for a cleaner, clearer pond environment. CrystalClear BioClarifier contains billions of bacteria colonies and added enzymes that seed and maintain biological filtration to improve dissolved oxygen levels and reduce ammonia levels.

BioClarifier comes in easy-to-use water-soluble packets and can be used in ponds, fountains, bubblers and disappearing waterfall features. BioClarifier is safe for use with fish, plants, birds or domestic animals that drink from the pond. 1 packet treats up to 1,000 gallons every 1 to 2 week.

Application Rates
1 Packet Treats up to 1,000 Gallons
2 Packets Treats up to 2,000 Gallons
4 Packets Treats up to 4,000 Gallons
8 Packets Treats up to 8,000 Gallons

Routine Application Rate: Apply Biological Clarifier every 1-2 weeks.

Persistent Problem Application Rate: If a problem arises between routine applications, apply Biological Clarifier at pre-scribed rate up to every 3 days until the problem is under control.

For Best Results: Apply Biological Clarifier directly into filter if possible or apply directly to the pond in an area of the greatest circulation. Optimal Water Conditions: pH: 6.5-8.5, Dissolved Oxygen: 5 PPM, Temperature: 50°F.

Failure to use as directed, or sudden changes in water conditions not consistent with label, may result in loss or injury to aquatic life. CrystalClear Inc. is not responsible for any loss of aquatic life. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.

Shelf Life: 3 Years

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