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Pond Logic® KoiAir Aeration Kit by Airmax®
Pond Logic® KoiAir Aeration Kit by Airmax®
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*High-efficiency aeration kit for koi ponds and water gardens 2,000+ gallons in size
*Effectively boost vital oxygen levels all year long for healthy koi & other pond life
*Includes energy-efficient compressor and components to ensure proper pond aeration

Deliver beneficial oxygen and aeration during summer or winter with the highly-efficient KoiAir Aeration Kit. Designed for larger ponds with fish, this aeration kit bridges the gap between the amount of oxygen supplied by fountains or waterfalls and the level required to keep koi ponds healthy. Silent, energy-efficient compressor ensures reliable water circulation that eliminates dead spots and improves overall pond wellness.

Proper aeration and oxygenation encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, which boosts your biological filtration. An aeration kit also promotes gas exchange at the surface to minimize toxic gases in your pond. Pond Logic KoiAir Aeration Kit is the easy to install and energy-efficient solution to proper pond aeration.

Kit, available in two sizes, features a continuous-duty SilentAir compressor (air pump) great for summer and winter operation. 6-1/2 ft power cord. For best results and to prolong the life of the compressor, protect your compressor with a Faux Rock Cover.

KoiAir 1 includes KA-20 high-efficiency compressor (air pump), 25 ft weighted airline and (one) 2-membrane stick diffuser plate* (12-1/4" x 10-1/4" x 1-3/4" high) .

KoiAir 2 includes KA-40 high-efficiency compressor (air pump), 50 ft weighted airline, (two) 2-membrane stick diffuser plates* (12-1/4" x 10-1/4" x 1-3/4" high) and a control valve to balance airflow between diffuser plates.

*Manufacturer recommends 4 feet maximum depth placement for airstones for KoiAir 1 and 5 feet maximum depth placement of airstones for KoiAir 2.

Model KoiAir 1 KoiAir 2
Pond Size 2,000-8,000 gal 8,000-16,000 gal
Tubing 25 ft, 3/8"
50 ft, 3/8"
Diffuser 1 plate -
2 membrane sticks
2 plates -
4 membrane sticks
Watts 17 W 35 W
7 ft 10 ft
Airflow 0.8 CFM 1.7 CFM

  1. Decide on a location for the KoiAir compressor. It's important to elevate the compressor a few inches above the ground level, making sure the compressor is above the pond's water surface. If power is not available at the pond's edge, the compressor may be located at the power source and extra airline can be added (up to 100 ft) to reach your desired diffuser location.

    NOTE: It is recommended that the compressor be covered and not exposed directly to the elements. This can be accomplished by purchasing a faux rock cover. If you decide to use your own cover, make sure it will keep water from coming in direct contact with the compressor and that there is plenty of ventilation.

  2. Connect the self-weighted airline to the outlet on the compressor as well as to the diffuser.
  3. Find a location in your water garden to place the diffuser. It's recommended to place the diffuser away from the deepest point, leaving an area for the fish to habitat. If you have two diffusers, equally distribute them throughout the water garden, but away from the deepest point. Do not exceed 4 ft in depth when placing your diffusers. Depths in excess of 4 ft will greatly reduce airflow to the diffuser and cause excess strain on the compressor reducing its life expectancy.
  4. KoiAir 2 ONLY - Adjust control valves to balance airflow between diffusers, if desired. It is not necessary to have even airflow between diffusers, nor will it have any effect on the life expectancy of the compressor.

Maintenance Safety
Always use parts that are supplied or approved by Airmax Ecosystems, Inc. Use of other parts may result in poor performance and could create a hazardous situation. Always unplug the system from the outlet and refer servicing to a qualified electrician if the power cord is damaged or frayed or if the compressor is producing unusual noises or odors.

Regular Maintenance

Diaphragm Maintenance
Your KoiAir compressor will need a rebuild kit every 12-36 months depending on operating depth, air quality and operating temperature. If your compressor is operating but there is no air coming out of the diffusers, you will generally find that it is time to replace your diaphragm. See the top cover of compressor for instructions on replacing the diaphragm.

Membrane Stick Maintenance
No maintenance required.

Air Filter Cleaning
Unscrew the cover on the back of the compressor and pull off the filter cover to expose the air filter. Remove the air filter and brush away any dust particles. Air filter is designed to last the lifetime of the compressor. Replacement is not needed.

Important Information

  • Never connect to an extension cord. This may result in equipment failure.
  • Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord.
  • Do not place the unit where people may step on the power cord.
  • Never override electrical or mechanical interlock devices.
  • Never attempt maintenance functions that are not specified in the user manual.
  • Never operate the system if unusual noises or odors are detected. Disconnect the power cord from the outlet and call for service.


  • Read the operating instructions carefully.
  • To reduce the risk of electric shock, connect only to a properly grounded grounding-type receptacle.
  • This unit is to be used in a circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter.
  • This unit has not been investigated for use in swimming pool areas.
  • Disconnect unit from power source before handling.
  • Repair and exchange of cable must be carried through by the supplier/manufacturer.

Winter Operations
Operating in freezing conditions on ice-covered water gardens will cause open water areas, even in freezing conditions. Also, the ice thickness around these open areas will be thinner than the ice over the remainder of the pond. Airmax strongly recommends that this danger of thin ice around the diffuser site be clearly posted at frequent intervals. Owner assumes all responsibility for operating KoiAir Aeration Systems during winter months.

If you choose to turn off your system for the winter, do the following:

  • Unplug the system and remove the diffusers, airlines, and compressor.
  • Store in a dry area protected from the elements such as the garage or basement (climate control recommended).

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