Live Foods for Feeding Aquarium Fish, Inverts & Corals: AlgaGenPods­™ Apocyclops
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AlgaGenPods™ Apocyclops
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AlgaGenPods™ Apocyclops (Apocylops panamensis)
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Cultivate higher yield of nutritious copepods with greater ease. New AlgaGen™ Apocyclops features a prolific species of tropical cyclopoid copepods with nutritious lipid reserves. Ideal for feeding a wide variety of corals, filter feeders, and marine fish species including Mandarins and Seahorses, Anthias and Gobies, NPS Corals and Gorgonians, Acropora, Crinoids, Basket Stars, and more.

AlgaGenPods™ Apocyclops contains live Apocyclops panamensis in treated natural ocean water. Add 1 capful AlgaGenPods™ Apocyclops per 10 gallons directly to your main aquarium, sump, or refugium. For best results, acclimate and grow Apocyclops in a separate culture vessel and harvest as needed to feed the main aquarium.

Great food for:

Copepods can also be grown outside of the aquarium system in a culture vessel and then harvested to feed the aquarium. Pod culture can be tricky, some are easier than others, but with some simple equipment and a little dedication pod cultures are achievable.

Copepods are best maintained at 78°F and at S.G. 1.020 with low light and very low aeration. We strongly recommend acclimating your copepods into your culture vessel or tank.

Size: 0.1 - 0.4 mm, 8 oz bottle contains 100 to 200 pods and 16 oz bottle contains 200 to 300 pods.

Pods are guaranteed to arrive alive but are exempt from our extended guarantee after their arrival.

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