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Pondmaster Pro Biological Filter Falls
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Pondmaster Pro Biological Filter Falls
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*Competitively-priced, professional waterfall and pond filtration system
*Biological filter media house beneficial bacteria for healthy pond water
*Use as the return system for a pond skimmer or "pond-less" water feature

Professional waterfall filtration system at a great price. Connect to a water pump or a skimmer filter system to create a beautiful waterfall - with minimum effort. Large media capacity for excellent biological filtration and extra-wide spillway for greater aeration. Use multiple units to create dynamic waterfall displays. Durable plastic construction.

Includes: Media bag with biological media, 1-1/2" bulkhead and fittings, installation hardware, and instructions.

Model Dimensions Flow Rate Weir
Pro3000 18" x 16" x 13" high up to 3,000 gph 16"
Pro5000 18" x 18" x 20" high up to 5,000 gph 18"

Choosing the Right Pump
The pump should be sized to circulate the entire volume of the pond at least every one and a half hours. It should have a minimum head height of 10 ft to compensate for friction losses and a maximum of 25 ft to avoid over-sizing and excess power consumption. Bear in mind that the head height and gph rating on the pump box does not take into account the significant head height losses due to friction as water travels inside the hose.

Whenever possible, use a larger hose diameter to minimize friction and maximize water flow. Even upsizing from 1-1/2" to 2" flex PVC hose can make a major difference in the actual water flow.

The Pro3000 & Pro5000 Biological Filter and Falls are designed to accommodate a wide range of pump types and sizes - from 1,200 to 5,000 gallons per hour. This means you will need to decide if you want a lot of water movement in a rushing stream or powerful waterfall OR if you prefer a quieter flow or gentle trickle. Once you have decided on the effect you wish to achieve, you can install the appropriate pump. The manufacturer recommends the Pondmaster 1800, 2400, 3600, 5000, Mag-Drive Waterfall Pump 2000, or the Mag-Drive Waterfall Pump 3000.

Location Options
Your Biological Filter and Falls can be placed anywhere around your pond - inside the liner or at the liner perimeter. Most of the time, it is placed at the beginning of a stream. The important thing to remember is that all of the water coming out of the filter must stay within the pond liner to prevent water loss. For maximum circulation and aeration, your Biological Filter and Falls should be located on the side of the pond farthest from the pump location.

The Biological Filter and Falls is designed to seal to any EPDM, PVC, or Butyl Rubber Liner for leak-free service. Once you have determined the location of the filter, you should decide on the size of the pump that will feed it. Your Biological Filter and Falls will efficiently filter your pond at flow rates up to 5,000 gallons per hour.

Installation to Flexible Liner
If you are considering a bottom drain in the Biological Filter and Falls to make cleaning even easier, drill the hole for the bulkhead fitting before sealing to liner.

Once the location of the Biological Filter and Falls has been determined, make sure you have enough play in the liner to easily cover the whole front of the unit. You will need enough slack to allow the liner to rest up against the Biological Filter and Falls without pulling or wrinkling.

Carefully clean and rinse the liner with water and dry it with paper towels or a clean cloth. The liner must be clean and dry for the sealer to bond properly. Make sure the liner will sit freely up against the Biological Filter and Falls without wrinkling or pulling.

Apply a continuous 1/4" bead of sealer on the inside of the faceplate toward the inner edge. Then apply a continuous 1/4" bead of sealer around the Biological Filter and Falls rim. Make sure there are no spaces or voids in the beads.

Immediately screw the faceplate through the Biological Filter and Falls and into the backing plate with the supplied stainless steel screws. Tighten by hand or with a power screwdriver at the lowest setting. Be careful not to strip the screws out of the hole. If necessary, have a helper hold the plates in place, or use a screw, an awl, or a punch to align the faceplate to the skimmer body and the backing plate before driving the first screw.

Carefully install the rest of the screws, alternating from one side to the next. Hand tighten the screws. A small amount of sealer should squeeze out all around the faceplate. Again, be careful not to overtighten or strip out the screw holes.

Once all the screws are in and snug, use a sharp blade or knife and cut away the excess liner around the waterfall lip. Wipe off excess sealant around the opening. Wait until the sealer has set before filling.

General Information
The Pro3000 & Pro5000 Biological Filter and Falls are designed to be strong enough to resist collapsing from the pressure of soil and water around them, even when empty. They can easily support the weight of decorative stones placed on their upper rim. The large capacity of the Biological Filter and Falls means they will hold more filter media, providing greater surface area for bacterial colonization and, therefore, greater biological filtering capacity. The large vault and multiple flat surfaces (front and back) also accommodate a large range of fitting options for maximum versatility in plumbing.


  • Sturdy, molded plastic construction
  • Large capacity for biological filtration media
  • Wide, reinforced waterfall lip
  • Versatile bulkhead placement

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