LiveAquaria Approved Aquatic Supplies: Pondmaster Clearguard UV Conversion Kit for Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filters
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Pondmaster Clearguard UV Conversion Kit for Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filters
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Pondmaster Clearguard UV Conversion Kit for Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filters

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*Ready-to-install UV clarifier for Clearguard pond filters
*Cleansing UV-C light combats green pond water algae
*Install to Clearguard UV pond filters to DOUBLE UV output

Effortlessly upgrade Pondmaster Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filters with an add-on UV clarifier. Complete and ready-to-install Pondmaster Clearguard UV Conversion Kit installs easily into the UV Port of your Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter whether you're upgrading a non-UV unit or adding a second unit to your Pondmaster Clearguard Pressurized Pond Filter with UV. Eliminate green pond water algae and enjoy clean, clear and healthy pond water when you install the Pondmaster Clearguard UV Conversion Kit.

For Use with Clearguard
Pressurized Pond Filter
9W UV Conversion Kit
(Mfg# 15610)
Model 2700
18W UV Conversion Kit
(Mfg# 15620)
Model 5500
Model 8000

Installation Instructions
Ultraviolet Clarifier Installation
If your pressure filter was supplied with a UV Clarifier, the bulb must be installed. Unscrew the UV Cap Lock-Ring and pull straight up. Insert UV Lamp into socket and carefully lower into the Quartz Sleeve already mounted in the Cover. Turn Cap Lock-Ring clockwise until tight. Be cautious not to cross-thread the Cap Lock-Ring before tightening. Check that extra UV Port Cap is tight before operating filter.


UV Clarifier Operating Instructions
If your pressure filter was supplied with an UV Clarifier or if you are adding a UV Clarifier, note the following:

The UV Clarifier will not light up when removed from the pressure filter cover. It incorporates a safety switch to disable power when not assembled.

To use the UV feature, unscrew the UV Cap/Socket Assembly from the cover and push the UV Bulb into the Bulb Socket. Carefully reinsert the UV Bulb straight down into the top opening with the Quartz Sleeve in place. Rotate the cap clockwise until tight. Plug the power cord into a grounded GFCI protected outlet to check. The top of the UV Cap is clear for observation that the UV is functioning. Disconnect power until the filter is running.

  1. If installing the UV Quartz Sleeve into the Filter Cover, make certain that O-Rings are properly installed.
  2. Completely assemble UV Clarifier into filter with Quartz Sleeve installed before supplying power. This will assure that Safety Switch is engaged and unit will light. The light can be safely checked by viewing through the Clear Plastic UV Cap on the fixture.
  3. Never stare at or expose skin to UV light. It can damage eyesight or burn skin.
  4. Do not defeat the safety features by bypassing the built in Safety Switch.
  5. A second UV Port is available to install an additional UV unit. The 16000 model uses both UV Ports.

Ballast is enclosed in a double insulated case. Never cut power cord. Do not modify the plug provided with the appliance; if it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.

UV Maintenance
  1. Effective useful bulb life is one season. The bulb will continue to illuminate long after the UV radiance has diminished. For best results, replace bulb annually.
  2. Periodically clean the Quartz Sleeve. Always allow unit to cool before disassembly. Carefully disassemble and clean outside using a solution of 30% white vinegar to 70% water. Allow to soak to soften scale or buildup. Use a bottlebrush and mild detergent to clean inside of Quartz Sleeve. Make certain inside of Quartz Sleeve is dry before reassembly. Lubricate O-Rings with silicone grease before reassembling. NEVER USE PETROLEUM BASED LUBRICANTS ON O-RINGS. Note that if Quartz Sleeve or UV Lamp shows any signs of cracks or fissures, it cannot be used and MUST be replaced.

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