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Pond Thermometer
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Pond Thermometer
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* Pond thermometer for measuring pond water temperature
* Durable ABS thermometer housing suitable for outdoor pond use
* Tear-resistant rope allows for easy retrieval from pond

This accurate pond thermometer is constructed for durability in an ABS molded tube case. The thermometer has a sealed-in, blown-glass tube and can be easily attached to land with a tear-resistant 36" polyethylene rope. 6-3/4" long. Registers 20-120°F or 0-50°C.

As the seasons change and pond water temperatures rise and fall, so do the nutritional needs of koi. To make the proper adjustments in koi diet and portion size, you need to use an accurate thermometer to measure water temperature on a regular basis.

Water Temperature Guide for Winterizing your Pond


  • 50% water change
  • Divide and repot plants


  • Mix staple diet with wheat germ
  • Bring in or dispose of tropical plants
  • Install pond net when leaves begin to fall


  • Change food to wheat germ diet


  • Trim hardy water lilies and move to deeper water


  • Stop feeding fish

Below 40ºF

  • Move or remove pump
  • Install De-Icer

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