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 Pondmaster Mag-Drive Utility Pump MD 1.9 - 3/8" Black Tubing
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Pondmaster Mag-Drive Utility Pump MD 1.9 - 3/8" Black Tubing

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*Compact submersible or in-line pump perfect for fountains & spitters
*Adjustable flow rate pump boast 190 gph max flow with a 7ft shutoff
*Horizontal or vertical pump placement allows operation in shallow water

Compact fountain pump boasts versatile submersible and external use. Pondmaster Mag-Drive Utility Pump MD 1.9 is a multipurpose high-head pump with adjustable flow rate perfect for running tabletop fountains, statuary fountains, or pond spitters. If space is limited, place pump vertically with the screen inlet facing down for operation in shallow water.

Pondmaster Mag-Drive Utility Pump MD 1.9 measures 3-1/2" x 2-3/16" x 3-3/16" high and includes foam pre-filter and elbow fitting that accepts 3/8" ID or 1/2" ID vinyl tubing. 10 -ft power cord.

Max gph Max Head Inlet Outlet Watts
MD 1.9 190 7 ft 3/8" 1/4" 17

Inline Use
The Model 1.9 pump is suitable for inline use by following these precautions:

  • Do not use non-threaded elbow for inline applications.
  • Use several wraps of Teflon® tape (not included) on all threaded fittings.
  • Always check inline set up for leakage before leaving unattended.

Pump Maintenance
Periodically the pump will need to be cleaned when the flow slows down or stops. To clean, unplug and remove pump from water. Slip off Pre-Filter Cover and wash out the foam Pre-Filter Pad. After a period of time, deposits may build up inside the Pump Cover. Remove the four screws, which hold the Pump Cover to the Motor Housing and pull cover straight away from the pump body. NOTE: Pulling at an angle will stress and break the Ceramic Impeller Shaft.

The Impeller is the only serviceable item. If it is worn or broken, the entire Impeller Assembly can be replaced. This will restore the pump to its original capacity. Do not over tighten screws when re-assembling. Check that O-Ring is seated in the groove located on the Pump Cover. If pump fails to start, re-check and see if the Impeller is not blocked by debris. For best results, the minimum water level depth should be two inches.

Pumps taken out of service with water inside run the risk of forming a crust, which may prevent subsequent starting. The pumps should be flushed with fresh water. The pumps and impeller can be soaked overnight in a solution of one part white vinegar to ten parts water to soften buildup, which can then be removed using a soft bristle brush.

Always check cord for sharp bends, which can cause premature cracking. Do not lift the pump with the cord. Running the pump in chlorine or bleach solution is not recommended. Do not allow pump to run dry.

General Information
This submersible or in-line pump provides a continuous stream of water with adjustable flow control. Danner pumps are carefully inspected and tested to ensure both safety and operating performance. The Model 1.9 pump has a number of features, which make it versatile.

A 1/2" inside diameter tube may be slipped over the outlet or a 1/4" pipe thread fitting can be used. The pump also comes with an elbow, which will accept 3/8" ID flexible tubing or 1/2" ID flexible tubing. The Elbow is for submersible use only. The Elbow directs the flexible tubing horizontally to prevent kinks. When there is limited room at the base of your fountain or statuary, the pump can be placed with the screen inlet facing down for operation in shallow water.

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