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Instant Ocean Natural Nitrate Reducer
Instant Ocean Natural Nitrate Reducer
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* Water conditioner for reducing nitrate levels in marine (saltwater) aquariums
* Use regularly for long-term reduction of marine aquarium nitrate levels
* Simple way to maintain low-nitrate conditions in marine aquariums

Eliminate the need for complicated nitrate reactors or expensive resins. Instant Ocean Natural Nitrate Reducer is the easy solution for long-term reduction and control of aquarium nitrate levels. Patented formula promotes the natural denitrification process of converting nitrate into nitrogen gas. Use regularly to safely improve water quality and create healthy, low-nitrate aquarium conditions. 8.45 oz treats 250 gallons. For use in saltwater tanks.

Directions for Use
Shake well before use. Use 10ml for every 10 gallons. For easy dosing, use the top of the screw cap. Fill to the inner ring for 5ml and to the top of the cap for 10ml.

Note: Dose rate can be doubled per week for additional nitrate control. Depending on the starting concentration of nitrate in the aquarium, it can take a few weeks to reach desired levels. Once achieved, levels will remain low.

Principle Ingredients: Patented Suspended Biodegradable Polymers.

General Information
Nitrate is the end product of the natural nitrogen cycle and may also be found in tap water. It is recommended to keep low nitrate levels for healthy aquarium conditions.

Instant Ocean's patented formula promotes the natural denitrification process of converting nitrate into nitrogen gas. This advanced bio-chemistry is found in nature and helps maintain healthy aquarium conditions.

  • Simple to use. No complicated reactors or replacing resins.
  • Reduces unwanted nutrients.
  • Naturally increases buffering capacity.

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