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AquaChef Automatic Fish Feeder
AquaChef Automatic Fish Feeder
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* Moisture-resistant fish feeder prevents food from clumping
* Holds up to 35 grams of food
* Simple, programmable timer feeds up to 4 times daily

Moisture-resistant, no-clump feeder dispenses flakes, pellets, or crumbled fish food. You set the portion size and feeding times, up to four per day, on the programmable timer. Feeder dispenses single or double feeding (within 60 seconds of first feeding). Holds up to 35 grams of food. Two AA batteries included. 3" x 5-1/4" x 3" high.

Feeder Installation

  1. Remove the feeder from the box and inspect thoroughly for any signs of damage, even if the box does not show damage. If you notice any damage (cracked covers, damaged timer, broken lid, etc.) please stop, and contact your dealer immediately.
  2. Open the battery cover and install two AA (1.5V) batteries. DO NOT use rechargeable batteries. If the symbol LO appears on the display, the batteries being installed need to be replaced.
  3. Adjust feed dispensing door to the maximum setting. Slide hopper off of feeder and fill with flake, pellet, or powder fish food. Slide hopper back onto feeder and close dispensing door.
  4. If refilling the feed hopper, be sure the hopper is cleaned before refilling with new food. This will help prevent food spoilage.

Adjusting Feed Amount
By adjusting the feed dispensing door, the amount of food dispensed at each feeding can be set. Simply adjust dispensing door to desired setting and press the MANUAL button to measure how much feed will be dispensed in one feeding. Adjust dispensing door as desired.

NOTE: As a general rule, aquarium fish only need to be fed 1-3 times daily. Feed only the amount of food the fish will consume in 5-10 seconds. Overfeeding can cause cloudiness, ammonia problems, and can create a deadly imbalance in the aquarium.

AquaChef Can Be Installed Two Ways:

  1. Using the mounting bracket included, screw the bracket frame to the lip of the aquarium. Place the base of the feeder onto the bracket frame. Adjust the feeder by sliding on the bracket to ensure that fish food is dispensed directly into the aquarium.
  2. If the bracket cannot be mounted onto the aquarium, use the double-sided tape to mount base of feeder to the lid. Always ensure food is dispensed directly into the aquarium. When installing, make sure that the feeder can never fall into the water (warranty is void if feeder is ever submersed, or falls into the water). Also, make sure it is in a location that allows you to refill it easily.
  3. Test feeder by pressing the "M" button on the timer and ensure that the feed drops into the water and not onto the ground or around the tank.


Button Description:
MODE+- Button: Local time and feeding time are set by this button.
SET+- Button: After pressing the MODE button, the SET button allows the respectively displayed times to be changed.
ADJUST+- Button: After pressing the SET button, the respectively affected symbol (either time or feeding mode) blinks and can be set to a higher number with a "+" or lower number with "-" button.
MANUAL Button: Automatically rotates the hopper once for a single manual feeding.


  1. Press SET button once and hours will blink.
  2. Press the ADJUST button to set hour time.
  3. Press MODE and minutes will blink.
  4. Press the ADJUST button to set minutes.
  5. Press SET again and the current time will be displayed. The timer operates on a 24:00 hours cycle, therefore, 5 p.m. = 17.00 hours.


  1. Press the MODE button, 00:00 will be displayed.
  2. Press the SET button, hours blink.
  3. Press the ADJUST button to program hour of first feeding time.
  4. Press the MODE button to program the minutes of the first feeding time.
  5. Press MODE again and the "1" digit will appear. This indicates no feeding at this programmed interval. By pressing ADJUST again, a single Up Arrow will appear to indicate a single feeding. Two Up Arrows indicate a double feeding will occur at this programmed interval. Each feeding will be separated by a 60 second interval.
  6. Press SET again and the first feeding interval program will be complete.


  1. Repeat the steps above for programming additional feedings. The feeder can be programmed for up to 4 times daily. When the MODE button is pressed in four times sequentially, the timer will skip to the next feeding interval.


  1. Press MODE program to find program that will be deleted.
  2. Press SET to select the program.
  3. Press MODE twice and the number of the program will blink.
  4. Press ADJUST to delete program.
  5. Press SET to confirm deletion.


  1. Press MANUAL button, feeder will automatically dispense one feeding.
  2. To reset feeder, remove batteries and wait 1 minute. Replace batteries.

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