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GloFish® Cycle Lights
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GloFish® Cycle Lights

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*Color-changing GloFish aquarium lights include white, blue, and black LEDs
*Creates 4 unique light modes that instantly enhance your GloFish environment
*Clips easily into the front of your GloFish aquarium frame

Get your GloFish aquarium glowing in 4 bold and exciting ways with a GloFish Cycle Light. Each color-changing, waterproof light includes white, blue, and black LEDs that provide 4 unique light modes to instantly enhance your GloFish environment.

  • Sunlight mode makes the vivid colors of fish and aquarium décor look even more vibrant - ideal with any fish and décor.
  • Moonlight mode makes décor and fish fluoresce.
  • Midnight mode makes cycle-light-specific products change color.
  • Twilight mode cycles between Moonlight and Midnight modes for optimum color-changing effects.
GloFish Cycle Light For aquariums up to
8" 5 gallons
10" Single 20 gallons
10" Double (connected) 55 gallons

Each GloFish Cycle Light clips easily into the front of your GloFish aquarium frame. Use with a GloFish Color-Changing Background for spectacular results. GloFish Cycle Lights include a waterproof LED light, frame clip, 2 cord routing clips, light mode button, low-voltage transformer, and instructions/safety manual.

Quick installation

  1. Clip waterproof LED light into the front of the aquarium frame.
  2. Hide wires with routing clips
  3. Plug in and make a drip loop for safety.
  4. Place hood or canopy on your aquarium.

Helpful hints

If the light does not turn on: Check to make sure the transformer is fully inserted into the outlet and the light switch is not set to Off.

To switch between light modes: Simply press the button on the light switch until you reach the desired light mode.

  • All lights on (white, blue, and black LEDs on)
  • Blue lights only (blue LEDs on)
  • Black lights only (black LEDs on)
  • Blue/black light fade (blue and black LEDs cycle)
  • Off

The light will automatically remember the last active light mode if power is disconnected to the light. This feature was include for consumers who wish to use this light with a timer. Simply plug the light into your timer and select the desired light mode. Your light will turn on to the last mode selected.

Do not leave the light turned on throughout the night. Fish benefit from alternating periods of light and darkness.

If the LED lights fall into aquarium water: Although this LED light is waterproof, as a safety precaution, unplug all appliances before reaching into the water. Then, simply remove the LED light from the water and attach it to the aquarium frame using the LED frame clip.

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