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Fluval Freshwater Aquarium & Cabinet Set
Fluval Freshwater Aquarium & Cabinet Set
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*Beautiful glass aquarium and cabinet set includes all key equipment
*Properly matched high-quality equipment ensures aquarium success
*Powerful multistage filtration keeps aquarium water clean & healthy

Elegant freshwater aquarium kit available in 15-gallon F35 or 22.4-gallon F60 models boasts outstanding, multistage filtration for aquarium success. Fluval Freshwater Aquarium and Cabinet Set comes with a glass aquarium with frosted rim framing, a high-quality laminated cabinet with 2-tone doors, Performance LED Light, Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filter and a Fluval M Series Heater to ease freshwater aquarium set up for home or office!

The Fluval Freshwater Aquarium and Cabinet Set showcase beautifully within your home or office with its clean lines and contemporary design. Glass aquarium features a unique frosted-rim frame to keep unsightly water line out of sight. High-efficiency LED light emits full spectrum light for optimal photosynthetic activity, plant growth and an aesthetically pleasing viewing experience. Elegant two-tone cabinet displays your freshwater aquarium in style while neatly concealing all hardware within.

15-gallon F35 Freshwater Aquarium Set comes with the 8W Nano Aqualife & Plant Performance LED Lamp, Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filter Model 106, and the 50W Fluval M50 Submersible Heater.

22.4-gallon F60 Freshwater Aquarium Set comes with the 25W Aqualife & Plant Full Spectrum Performance LED Strip Light, Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filter Model 206, and the 100W Fluval M100 Submersible Heater.

Fluval Freshwater
Aquarium Set
Aquarium Size Cabinet Size Filter Flow Rate Light
15-gallon F35
(Mfg# 15100)
15" x 15" x 17.3" high 15" x 15" x 35" high 145 gph 84 LEDs
22.4-gallon F60
(Mfg# 15105)
23.6" x 13.8 " x 17.7" high 23.6" x 13.8" x 35" high 206 gph 312 LEDs

Manufacturer recommendation for stocking levels: Allow 1 inch of body length of fish (excluding tail) per US gallon of water. Miniature fish species must be kept in shoals of at least 4 or 5 individuals.


Congratulations on the purchase of your new Fluval Freshwater Aquarium and Cabinet Set. All kits include a tank, a cabinet, a high performance Aqualife and Plant LED light, a Fluval Canister Filter and a heater.

Leakage Test:

Before setting up your tank, fill the aquarium with water and leave it for 48 hours in a wet room (bathroom/laundry room, etc.) in order to check for leakage. Note that the tank should not be placed directly onto the tile or concrete floor, the aquarium needs to first be placed on top of a piece of Styrofoam, foam, carpet or similar type of material for this test.

Placing the Aquarium with its Cabinet in the Final Location

The location of the aquarium is very important. Place it away from direct sunlight. This will reduce the chances of excessive algae buildup and prevent overheating. Keep the aquarium away from heat sources such as air ducts, radiators, etc. Drafts should be avoided as well. Do not place the aquarium where water spills will cause damage. The cabinet is specifically designed to bear the weight of a completely filled aquarium. Using a different cabinet or support may cause an unsafe condition.

The selected location should have an even and level surface. Place the aquarium and cabinet close to an electrical outlet. After placing the cabinet, use a level to ensure that it is perfectly level.


Place the aquarium tank directly on the cabinet without any additional support or damper in between. NEVER insert lining between the cabinet and aquarium.

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