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Kent Marine-C
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*Vitamin C supplement for marine aquarium fish and invertebrates
*Provides a source of Vitamin C often deficient in saltwater aquariums
*Aids in enhancing the immune systems of aquarium fish and invertebrates

Ensure Vitamin C availability to support healthy marine aquarium inhabitants. Vitamin C has been shown to enhance the immune system of fishes and invertebrates, as well as facilitate the metabolism of fatty acids, and stimulate the production of connective tissue. Kent Marine C is a source of Vitamin C that can be used as a daily supplement or when treating damaged or sick aquarium fish. Kent Marine C may also be used to stimulate the repair of damaged tissue caused by coral propagation. 4 oz. treats 5,900 gallons.

Directions for Use
Shake well before using. Add 1 ml per 50 gallons of aquarium water daily in an area of high water flow. Observe reaction of aquarium residents and adjust dosage accordingly.

Does not require refrigeration or freezing after opening, however refrigerating will prolong useful life.

Daily use of Kent Marine C provides ornamental marine fish and invertebrates with a source of stabilized high-grade vitamin C compounds. Protein skimming and activated carbon may be continued when dosing this product. Vitamin C is often deficient in aquariums where no previous supplementation has been done.

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