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Eshopps S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers
Eshopps S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers
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* Protein skimmer with Eshopps Intelligent Design (EID) Technology
* 5 advanced proprietary features maximize aquarium waste removal
* Cyclonic action in reaction chamber drives powerful skimming action

Complex engineering packed into an elegant design. Eshopps S-Series Premier Line Protein Skimmers boast five advanced proprietary features that optimize skimmer performance and ease of use. The core of the 5-point Eshopps Intelligent Design (EID) Technology is the innovative EDDY(TM) bubble plate powered by a silent-running Italian Sicce pump. Together they generate a flurry of waste-removing bubbles enhanced by powerful cyclonic action for maximum contact time between water, air, and dissolved organic waste. The result is cleaner, clearer marine aquariums with less effort!

EID (Eshopps Intelligent Design) Technology
  1. EDDY™ Bubble Plate (Increased Contact Time w/ Easy Twist Release)
    • Groundbreaking design to incorporate blades that will allow for bubble to rotate and tweak the duration of contact time
    • Precise engineering of brand new bubble plate design to increase contact time for optimal skimming
  2. Twist-Off Base
    • Less than 3 seconds to twist open the body for easy access
    • Much more convenient compared to the traditional body skimmer that utilizes screws to lock the body in place
    • Traditional skimmer with screws may sometime turn rusty and makes it difficult to turn
  3. Quick Release Pump Lock
    • Quick release of pump by loosening the screw to slide the pump locks out to remove the pump or to install the pump
  4. Transparent Venturi
    • See any visible calcium build up and allow for easier maintenance
  5. Large Capacity Collection Cup
    • Holds more skimmate
    • Don't need to empty it out so often
S-120 S-300
Model 55001 55021
Diameter 5-1/2" 9-1/2"
Height 18" 23-1/2"
Footprint 5-1/2" x 7" 9-1/2" x 12"
Water Level 7-9" 7-9"
Tank Rating 40-120g 260-500g
Pump SE-200 PSK-1200
Watts 10 22
Bioload Capacity 40 - Heavy
90- Medium
120- - Light
260 - Heavy
370 - Medium
500 - Light

Suggested Eshopps Sump Compatibility
S-120 S-300
Reef Sump RS-75 Reef Sump RS-300
R-100 Refugium
CUBE Nano Refugium
CUBE Medium Refugium
R-300 Refugium
ADV-100 Advanced Series Sumps ADV-300 Advanced Series Sumps

Quick Start Guide

  1. Take all contents out of the box and make sure you have everything.
  2. Remove the Skimmer Base from the Skimmer Base by simply twisting it to the right to separate.
  3. Take a Philips screwdriver and loosen the two screws on the Pump Base. After loosening the screws, slide the Pump Base Locks away from the center to insert the pump.
  4. After the pump is in place and aligned correctly, slide the blue Locks into the groove of the pump and tighten the two screw to secure the pump.
  5. Next, take the Bubble Plate and align the bottom hole with the pump to twist in tightly.
  6. Take the Skimmer Body and lock it back over the Skimmer Base.
  7. Next, take the Venturi and insert it into the hole to connect to the pump. Make sure it is securely fitted all the way in.
  8. After the Venturi is secured, take the Air Intake Tubing and connect it to the top of the Venturi. Then connect the top of the Air Intake Tubing to the Silencer.
  9. Take the Silencer and connect it to the Skimmer Body by tightening the screw from the bottom of the Arm.
  10. Next, find the Collection Cup with the Collection Cup Lid and attach it into the neck of the Skimmer Body.
  11. Place the skimmer in your sump and plug it in (make sure the water level is between 7-9 inches.
  12. Adjust inner water level by turning the Water Level Adjusting Tube and gauge the Adjustable Water Height Indicator with the logo output.
  13. Allow 5 to 10 days for skimmer to break in.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Why does my skimmer keep overflowing?
    • Break-in Time: It may take between 5-10 days for a protein skimmer to break in before it can operate properly.
    • Chemical Reaction: Certain medications, additive, and epoxy may contain surfactants, which can cause excessive bubbling. If necessary, turn off the skimmer up to three hours when feeding corals.
    • Water Condition: Make sure to use reverse osmosis water.
    • Blockage: Make sure to inspect the air venturi, silencer, and air hose for any debris or salt creep deposits. Also, make sure the air hose is not bent preventing airflow into the pump.
  2. How do I stop the skimmer from overflowing?
    • Raise the skimmer up by placing a 1-1" stand underneath the skimmer, and let it run in that position for 3-4 hours. Take out the stand to lower the skimmer once it settles down. Please note: All skimmers overflow, use at your own risk.
  3. Why does my skimmer stop producing bubbles (it was working great)?
    • It happens when you have no organic waste in your tank. After a water change, the skimmer may sit idly until the waste level builds up.
    • Clean the pump and venturi every 2-3 month to prevent calcium build up.
    • Make sure the air intake tubing is not bent.
  4. Why does the pump stop working?
    • Make sure the Impeller spins freely and Shaft Bushings are installed correctly.
  5. Why are the micron bubbles returning back to the display tank?
    • Some skimmers require a 5-10 day break-in period.
  6. Why is my skimmer loud?
    • Dial in the Silencer Cap by twisting it to reduce the noise of the skimmer.
  7. What's the inner water level requirement for the skimmer?
    • Dry Skimming: Bottom of the Cone Neck
    • Wet Skimming: To of the Cone Neck
  • Collections Cup: Usually once a week depending on your organic load.
  • Skimmer Body: Take your skimmer apart and clean it with a soft sponge or cotton cloth with 1:3 ratio of vinegar/water solution every 6 months.
  • Pump: Clean the pump every 4 months. Remove the pump and soak it in a bucket with 1:2 ratio of vinegar/water solution.

About Eshopps
Eshopps is a leading manufacturer that specializes in aquarium filtration for the saltwater industry. Their brand is best known for manufacturing high-quality line of acrylic sumps like our wet dry filters, reef sumps, refugiums and protein skimmers.

Primary Focus
Eshopps' goal is to provide hobbyists high quality products with a simple and clean design at a highly affordable price. Eshopps strives to become a hobbyist's trusted brand and provide exceptional customer service to everyone. They are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

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