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ORA® Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby
Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen.
ORA® Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby (Elacatinus figaro)

Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Black, Yellow
Diet Carnivore
Reef Compatible Yes
Origin Captive-Bred, ORA®
Family Gobiidae
Minimum Tank Size 10 gallons
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The ORA® Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby is a cleaner goby species highly sought after for its brilliant, iridescent golden coloration and limited availability in the industry. As native reef species from Brazil are no longer available for export, captive-bred Yellowline Gobies are the only choice available for hobbyists. Thanks to the achievements of modern captive-breeding programs, hobbyists are able to enjoy this eye-catching specimen great for reef or nano-aquarium setups.

The ORA® Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby should be housed in a well-established 10 gallon or larger aquarium. The ORA® Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby is peaceful but may become territorial and can demonstrate aggression towards its own kind unless they are a mated pair.

In the wild, a portion of the Yellowline Goby's natural diet consists of parasites picked off larger reef fish. The ORA® Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby should be fed a varied diet consisting of foods specifically designed for carnivores. If kept in a reef aquarium, the ORA Captive-Bred Yellowline Goby should be fed once per day.


Approximate Purchase Size: 1"-2".

Customer Testimonials

Nelson P Tampa , FL
This fish has a surprising fun character. Looks like a flash of lightning with its bright yellow/gold stripes zipping from rock to rock. Lots of wow for minuscule bio-load and money. Must have a lid or screen as, like most fish, it will jump.
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