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ORA® Captive-Bred Yellow Watchman Goby
Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen.
ORA® Captive-Bred Yellow Watchman Goby (Cryptocentrus cinctus)

Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Blue, Yellow
Diet Carnivore
Reef Compatible Yes
Water Conditions sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4
Max. Size 4"
Origin Captive-Bred, ORA®
Family Gobiidae
Minimum Tank Size 30 gallons
Compatibility View Chart
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The ORA® Captive-Bred Yellow Watchman Goby is also known as the Yellow Prawn Goby, or Yellow Shrimp Goby, was first discovered in 1936 by Herre. The head and body are yellow-orange with bright blue spots on the head and fins. The Watchman Goby wears an amusing perpetual frown, and likes to peek out from behind rocks. They have been known to form symbiotic relationships with snapping shrimp.

It requires a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with plenty of loose coral rubble, ample swimming room, and a sand bottom for burrowing. Watchman Gobies are peaceful but can become aggressive and territorial with its own kind unless they are a mated pair. It may try to jump out of the aquarium or other small openings; therefore, a tight-fitting lid is required to prevent escape.

The Watchman Goby should be fed a varied diet consisting of foods specifically designed for carnivores. If kept in a reef aquarium, the ORA® Captive-Bred Watchman Goby should be fed once per day.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 2"

Customer Testimonials

Hunter Swilling Cheyenne , WV
Arrived healthy. Pretty tiny, but within expected size limits. Notably, mine isn't yellow at all, more of a whitish-grey color. He paired up with my pistol shrimp right away though, and has been a good and peaceful member of the community. Plus, it always feel good buying captive-bred.
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