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Chaetomorpha Algae, Aquacultured
Please Note: Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen.
Chaetomorpha Algae, Aquacultured (Chaetomorpha sp.)
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Chaetomorpha Algae, also known as Spaghetti Algae or Green Hair Algae, is an excellent macro algae for refugiums. Each cell grows end to end, creating long, stiff strands. It grows in filamentous clumps, resembling a ball of fishing line. Cheatomorpha is a fast growing, hardy algae that is normally grown in a refugium where it absorbs nitrate and phosphate out of the water as it grows. Additionally this algae is a great habitat for microfauna such as copepods and amphipods to reside and populate.

Chaetomorpha Algae removes both phosphates and nitrates from the water. To increase the amount of nutrients this algae exports, use moderate to high lighting and keep it in an area of high water flow. It should ideally be tumbled in an algae filter.

This algae is sold by the bag and will arrive in a dense mat.

Approximate Purchase Size: 8 oz cup

Customer Testimonials

S.P. Colonail Beach , VA
Seems to do well while tumbling at or near the top of the tank. It gets light on all sides and manages to keep itself clean. Looks like a moving ball or wheel-like. One way is to use the air stone.
Greg H Hampton , GA
I use this in my sump and it has totally changed my tank. All my hair algae is gone and phosphates have dropped dramatically. No need for a phosphate reactor or phosphate removing media. Nitrates are at 0 and my reef is looking better than ever. Keep it natural.
Joshua B Haymarcket , VA
I just got my order and there is a lot more than I thought there would be but over all i am pleased with what i have I recommend this to any one who need natural chemical removal. P.s it doesn't float ( mine didn't ) and it breaks into smaller pieces not many
Adam R Denton , OH
Worked great but it did come with a few hitchhikers. i recommend quarantine first because i accidentally introduced aiptasias to my 40 gallon and they were a pain to get rid of.
David H Hamersville , OH
Chaeto received was huge amount for the price paid. Unfortunately contained aiptasia so ended up thoroughly cleaning a small portion and discarding the rest to mitigate risk.
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