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Diver's Den: Freshwater

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG): the EXACT item you are ordering, not a representative photo. Diver's Den® items are held, quarantined and shipped from our state-of-the-art Aquaculture Coral & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

OUR FISH QUARANTINE PROCEDURE: Read a detailed account of our fish extensive quarantine procedures. WHAT TO FEED YOUR FISH: Detailed list of what WE FEED the Diver's Den Freshwater fish.

All Diver's Den® items must be shipped within 2 shipping days of placing your order.

Photo Lighting Note: To provide ideal color & lighting, these freshwater species are photographed in glass aquariums, illuminated under Full Spectrum LED lighting. The coloration of the animal will vary under different intensities and Kelvin ratings of light bulbs. The species shown may look different under 10K Metal Halides, VHO, T5 or Power Compact Lights, LEDs, and may take time to recover its color after shipping.

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77 results
New Product
Clown Loach (Group of 3) (click for more detail)
Clown Loach (Group of 3)
(Chromobotia macracantha)
New Product
Sunset Apistogramma Atahualpa Cichlid, Male (click for more detail)
Sunset Apistogramma Atahualpa Cichlid, Male
(Apistogramma atahualpa)
New Product
Fire Red Agassizi Cichlid (Pair) (click for more detail)
Fire Red Agassizi Cichlid (Pair)
(Apistogramma agassizii 'Fire Red')
New Product
Red Tail Barracuda (click for more detail)
Red Tail Barracuda
(Acestrorhynchus falcatus)
New Product
Rhino Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Rhino Plecostomus
(Pterygoplichthys scrophus)
New Product
Gold Nugget (L-18) Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Gold Nugget (L-18) Plecostomus
(Baryancistrus xanthellus )
New Product
Albino Marble Hoplo Catfish  (click for more detail)
Albino Marble Hoplo Catfish
(Megalechis thoracata)

Hypoptopoma Catfish (click for more detail)
Hypoptopoma Catfish
(Hypoptopoma sp.)
New Product
Albino Longfin Senegal Bichir (click for more detail)
Albino Longfin Senegal Bichir
(Polypterus senegalus)

Barbatus Cory Catfish (Group of 4) (click for more detail)
Barbatus Cory Catfish (Group of 4)
(Scleromystax barbatus)

Barred Bichir (click for more detail)
Barred Bichir
(Polypterus delhezi)

Plakat Betta, Male (click for more detail)
Plakat Betta, Male
(Betta splendens)

Synodontis Angelicus Catfish (click for more detail)
Synodontis Angelicus Catfish
(Synodontis angelicus)

Hypostomus (L-229) Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Hypostomus (L-229) Plecostomus
(Hypostomus sp.)

Redtail Sternella (L-114) Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Redtail Sternella (L-114) Plecostomus
(Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus)

Gold Marble Chubby Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Gold Marble Chubby Plecostomus
(Parancistrus aurantiacus)

Colombian Spotted (L-165) Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Colombian Spotted (L-165) Plecostomus
(Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps)

Pelican Knife Fish (Pair) (click for more detail)
Pelican Knife Fish (Pair)
(Compsaraia samueli)

Cherry Hump Head Flowerhorn Cichlid (click for more detail)
Cherry Hump Head Flowerhorn Cichlid
(Amphilophus spp. x 'Parrot' hybrid)

Queen Arabesque (L-260) Plecostomus (click for more detail)
Queen Arabesque (L-260) Plecostomus
(Hypancistrus sp. 'L260')
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