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Sumps are beneficial additions for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. In the most basic terms, a sump is an additional receptacle plumbed inline via a siphon overflow box, or bulkheads in pre-drilled aquariums. The sump will provide additional space and increase the total volume of water in an existing system. Sumps can be as basic as a supplementary aquarium, a large plastic container, or as part of a more elaborate wet/dry trickle filter or refugium.

Sumps increase the total volume of water and as a result, water parameters are more stable and less prone to fluctuations. Larger volumes of water are less susceptible to sudden changes and, more importantly, help distribute the concentration of chemicals such as nitrite and phosphate more evenly, deferring their ill effects.

With some basic plumbing techniques, a sump can be installed to most aquariums to provide numerous benefits.

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