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Balanced Supplements as a Method
of Calcium & Alkalinity Supplementation

Michael Paletta - Guest Author
Balanced Supplements as a Method of Calcium & Alkalinity Supplementation
In order to overcome the problems described in the independent supplementation of calcium and alkalinity (e.g., Calcium chloride and buffers), several manufacturers have devised balanced formulas for maintaining both calcium and alkalinity. These include Tropic Marin BioCalcium, C-Balance, and Seachem Reef Advantage Calcium.

Acropora Coral

These compounds, available in dry or two-part liquid formulations, are capable of maintaining both high calcium levels and alkalinity without causing a build-up of unwanted compounds. This method of maintaining calcium and alkalinity in reef aquariums has become very popular due to their ease of use.


  • Readily available.
  • Easy to use - Once the desired levels of calcium and alkalinity are achieved, all that is necessary is to add equal amounts of the two-part formulation according to manufacturer directions.
  • Safe - If used per directions, there is little chance of overdosing or shocking the aquarium inhabitants.
  • Supplementation can be easily tailored - Simply increase the daily amount when the aquarium inhabitants grow or when more animals are added.

Caveat - Though reliable and easy to use, there are a few shortcomings to the use of balanced calcium supplements.

  • Can be expensive for large aquariums - relative to other methods, it is the most expensive method for maintaining calcium over the long term.
  • Somewhat tedious - Each of the two-part balanced liquid supplements must be carefully measured out in equal amounts and added daily.
  • Problematic to correct - In the event where the alkalinity/calcium balance is distorted, it will be necessary to get things in balance through some other means which could exacerbate the situation.
  • Salinity may increase over time with regular use.
In the case of liquid compounds, it is even possible to automate their delivery by having dosing pumps administer the solution gradually over the course of the day.
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Michael Paletta is the author of two books, "The New Marine Aquarium" and "Ultimate Marine Aquariums," and has acted as a consultant with the National Aquarium in Baltimore and the Pittsburgh Zoo Aquarium.


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