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Simplify Aquarium Water Changes with the Right Tools

Simplify aquarium water changes with the right tools

Regular water changes are critical for maintaining a healthy aquarium environment. In addition to removing organic debris and reducing dissolved aquarium pollutants, water changes replenish trace elements and improve overall aquarium water quality. In general, a monthly water change of up to 25% is recommended for established marine, reef, or freshwater aquariums. For planted aquariums, the 25% water change should be performed every other week to replenish trace elements used by growing plants.

Keep on Task
While aware of the importance of the regular water changes, many hobbyists find it difficult to keep on task. The right aquarium equipment simplifies routine water changes by keeping water changes easier on you and less stressful on your fish. Create a personal "water changing kit" comprised of essential aquarium products.

Essential products for convenient water changes:

  Tarps, towels, and mats - Spills and splashes may be unavoidable during a water change. However, you can contain and minimize spills by placing towels around your aquarium. Better yet, use the Aquarium Cleaning Mat. Absorbent mat keeps floors and carpet clean and dry during aquarium maintenance.
Siphons - The most important piece of equipment for convenient water changes is the siphon. This easy-to-use product relies on gravity to draw water from the aquarium and into a bucket or sink. For smaller aquariums, siphons such as the Quick Vac Pro is a great choice. For large aquariums, the Python No Spill Clean 'N Fill Aquarium Maintenance System cannot be beat. This clever device attaches to your faucet and uses water pressure to clean and fill aquariums. Since the wastewater drains directly into the sink, you eliminate the time-consuming bucket brigade.
Water Conditioners - A de-chlorinator such as our Chlorine Neutralizer should be used with every water change to make tap water safe for aquarium inhabitants. Our special formula effectively neutralize harmful chlorine and chloramine to make tap water safe for aquarium use.
Bacterial Additives - Replenish beneficial bacteria population lost during gravel cleaning and water changes to minimize cloudy aquarium water. Use our Live Nitrifying Bacteria to maintain biological filtration that efficiently breaks down harmful nitrogenous waste materials in aquarium water.
Aquarium Cleaner and Wipes - To prevent watermarks on aquarium glass, use a glass cleaner specifically designed for aquarium use. Our Aquarium Wipes & Aquarium Cleaner & Polisher help minimize recurrence of fingerprints, water spots, and dust. Never use commercial cleaners and keep in mind that aquarium glass cleaners are for use on external surfaces only - not inside the aquarium.
Aquarium Log or Journal - An aquarium journal is a great way to keep on top of routine water changes. Write down the date when you performed your water change as well as any notable information. Use this journal to document the conditioners or supplements you've used as well as water parameters and aquarium test results.


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